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haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?


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(Deleted comment)
Umm, me too. But WOW, gas $2/gallon, nice!

That's exactly what I thought.

That's what you get for living in a place like Chicago. ;-)

It was after buying a pack of cigarettes in Chicago early in my truck driving career that I decided to always buy them at home. It was almost $6 for a pack! Sheesh.

I vowed that the first time I saw a sign that had gas under $2 that I was going to take a picture of it. I've been watching the prices in the South drop all week, and yesterday when I started noticing them at $2.09, I knew it wasn't far away.

I'm not sure what the relation to the subject and photo are, either, but the subject line is some line from a "Panic! At the Disco" song that Soop is currently obsessed with.

(Deleted comment)
I'm not sure what it is that draws me to it. The refrain obviously is fun and melodic even if the rest of the song isn't so much. The music is so sparse and minimalist that it's really a non-factor... I dunno. I just have fun singing along with it :)

It's a complete non-sequitir that has nothing to do with the photo. :)

Can I send you an email?

There's nothing to get, the subject has nothing to do with the photo. :)

it's the dichotomy between unleaded and diesel prices and the trucker's angry reaction to said difference.

You give me far too much credit for being clever. It was just the refrain of a song I'm enamored with. I had started to subject this entry with something absurd like "hope" and thought better of it and opted for the lyric.

As for the difference in prices, I do find it curious. When gas prices first jumped into the $1.70-$1.80 range a couple of year ago, diesel stayed in the $1.30-$1.40 range for a long time. Perhaps the difference now is some sort of catchup for the oil companies? I don't know. I know it doesn't make sense. The refinement of crude oil into gasoline and diesel can't be that much different from each other to reflect a 25% difference in price.

you're shitting me. that's not a bad price. it was 2.44 in chicago over the weekend, and about 2.65 back in california. *fingers crossed*

It's like $2.09 where Soop and I live. :^)

Interstingly, I bought diesel in Gary, Indiana two days ago. The price was the same as it is in that sign above from South Carolina.

We won't get it if his other half only knows that we were hit with a favorite quote.... My opinion? A trucker's need to keep us talking to him! :)

When are you going to share the joke?

Unfortunately there's no joke or hidden meaning. Just a bit of lyric from a favorite song of mine at the moment. :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one missing the point.

I thought it had something to do with Stewart's selling chicken and biscuits and pizza.. and beer and cigarettes and rolling papers and diapers..

Nah, I was just showing the gas prices.

Stewart's had good chicken, but they had ROLLS, NOT biscuits.

I haven't seen gas prices under $3/gallon since..... I can't remember.

When Welf and I were in SoCal this past May, we saw unleaded prices as high as $3.60. For 87 octane unleaded.

Premium was nearly $4. Sheesh.

Thought of you yesterday. Newsweek had an article about truck drivers (do you guys have a fancy name you use like Logistics Engineer or something?) who are going to college online. I guess classes are podcasted, etc.

I guess the fanciest "title" that's ever thrown our way is "Commercial Driver" or "Professional Motor Carrier".

The online options for higher education are making it easier for non-traditional students across the board, but I can see how it would be particularly beneficial for truck drivers, who wouldn't be in a position to even consider night or weekend classes. I've considered some of the online Masters programs as well as toyed with the idea of obtaining some additional undergrad degrees just for shits and giggles... but I don't see much point in doing that unless I plan to DO something with it... and right now... I'm perfectly content. :)

This school seemed directly geared for drivers because it was more than just online. It allowed drivers to listen while driving for hours on end. I hear you about not getting a masters - unless I have a need/reason, I'll pass.

I got my degree while driving truck acouple of years ago.. did most of the work online.. I had to fax some stuff in, but most was reading books and taking tests online and doing online labs.

Speaking of chicken and pizza, the other night, I happened by a restaurant here called Chicken Bar and Pizza. I pretty much can't imagine anything better in life.

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