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all i've got is your photograph, i wanna touch you

here's been a meme going around where you take your icons, and pick so many using an offset of five or ten and give an explanation of them. Fuck that, let's do them all. I'm bored.

I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille. (Default)
Highway Eyes

This is a self-portrait I took of myself while driving. I've always liked it because you can see the road and steering wheel in the reflection of the sunglasses, even at this resolution.

Touch Me, I'm Sick

A Michael Lavine photograph of a Mudhoney performance, a cropped version of which was used as the jacket for their Superfuzz Bigmuff album. In addition to being a perfect blend of my dual interests in music and photography, it serves as my "default" icon for anything music-related. The description is the title of Mudhoney's most famous song.

Mt. Shasta

One of my own photos of northern California's most jaw-dropping natural features. The route from Mt. Shasta to Reno, NV ranks among my favorite drives in the country. I use this avatar a lot when I'm writing entries from, or about, the American west.

Stop the Madness

Created by a LiveJournal.friend-who's-no-longer-a-LiveJournal.friend blackperson. It captures my general feelings about the state of modern hiphop, although its starting to become a little "dated". I use it for entries/comment about hiphop.


Made especially for me by one of my oldest LiveJournal.friends, delicarose. It was made during one of those memes where you pick something from your friend's interest list and make an icon for them. To illustrate the low-road I took, I made her an icon (seen right) based on her interest of "muppets". We have a common bond in our love for early 20th-century-poets-with-initials, hers being Eliot. e.e. cummings has been my favorite poet since high school. If I were to make an analogy to his artistry with popular music, he is akin to Bill Monroe, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sonic Youth, and James Brown: he's an artist for which there is little to no precedent who forged a unique style of which there is only pale imitation. He was a true maverick and pioneer. Many people dismiss him as being too gimmicky, but it was so much more than that. Not only did he masterfully craft words to create imagery, he utilized and/or subverted the nuts and bolts of the English language - syntax and punctation - to his own ends to great effect. I don't have occasion to use this icon very often given the nature of my journal and the things which I find myself commenting upon in others, but I use it whenever the topic of literature comes about.


A self-portrait I took of me and my camera in a truckstop shower-room in Dallas, Texas. I use this anytime I make entries where the primary subject are my photographs or in comments talking about photography in general.

In New York City, don't you cross the line

Another of my own photos I took one evening in Battery Park. I use it whenever the Big Apple is the topic of conversation. The description is a lyric from a Dead Moon song.

How d'ya do?

I took this photo in the brilliant afternoon sun of Denver while waiting to be unloaded. I tend to use it when commenting to someone for the first time, or if it's been a while since I've "spoken" with someone on LiveJournal. It's my "Hi!" icon.

I wanna know about you

I made this icon using a performance photo and lyrics from the band (International) Noise Conspiracy. I use it when conveying sadness, emotional pain, and/or sympathy for something.

Dave-Oh My God!
I reach down between my legs and ease the seat back

The infamous ad-lib from the end of "Hot For Teacher" along with this photo of Diamond Dave makes the best OMG icon ever. I stole it from somewhere I don't remember.

I'm hopeless

Upon reaching the decision that I needed a "slut" avatar, I came across this photo in a Google search and dutifully appropriated it. Someone once suggested that it's Christina Aguilera, but I have no idea if it is or not. I use this whenever the topic of sex comes-up. For the record, I love sluts and it's not meant to be any sort of criticism.

verse. chorus. verse. chorus. now, SCREAM.

Another music-related icon about a specific interest. I love girl bands and it is one of my more enduring fascinations in rock music. My love for rock and roll originated as a teen, and I recognized early-on the inherent sexuality in male rock idols like Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix but couldn't relate to it directly. With the rare exception of hard-rockin' mommas like Janis Joplin and Joan Jett, it wasn't until the riot grrrl and lady-grunge movement of the 90's when I could. I became quick fans of bands like Bratmobile, Babes in Toyland, Hole, and L7. I shamelessly stole this icon from another user and I have no idea from whence the photo originates, but judging from the baby-doll dress, I'd guess it's either Courtney Love or Kat Bjelland, though I don't recall either of them ever playing guitars with Les Paul-style bodies. They both favored Fenders if memory serves.

Just admit it, Ted

John Cusack and Anthony Michael Hall from a scene in Sixteen Candles, one of my favorite Brat Pack movies. As I recall, Hall's character is only credited as "The Geek" but I think somewhere in the film his name is revealed to be Farmer Ted, hence the description, which is a convolution of a Jane's Addiction song title. This is a multi-pupose icon used for everything from referencing 80's teen movies, either actor, or films in general. I also use it when I wax-at-length with too much information about something, showing my geekiness for the subject.

The girl grabbed my hand, I clutched it tight

I made this extremely minimal icon on-the-fly during Slint's reunion tour in the spring of 2005. I still have an occasion to use it every now and then when they come up in conversation and I'm using less than half of my icon slots, so I see no reason to get rid of it. The description is a lyric of theirs.

Save the drama for your mama

I found this icon some place or other. We all know what it's used for. I don't find myself in too much of it, though, so it's seldom used.


Yeah, yeah I know it's old as dirt and a zillion people have it in their userpics, but there'a a reason for it. It's funny,.

Critical cuteness

The greatest cat in the world. 'Nuff said.

Hi my name is soopageek and I'm a LiveJournal addict

I took this photo one day after taking a shower in a truckstop. I wrote it in the fog of the mirror and hastily snapped the photo. I use it, along with "LJ-Masturbate" for things generally related to LiveJournal.

oh yes, i am bad mother....shut your mouth

In between jobs in the Lost Summer of 2000, I was letting my hair grow. Upon getting accepted in the new GM position for the last restaurant I will ever work for, I decided since I had a week before officially starting it to let my friend Stephanie give me a mohawk. I told U I was hardcore.

Peepeing Claude
I can't make myself fix the typo because it makes me laugh

mandy_moon took this photo of me on some construction scaffolding outside her bedroom window in Boston for some shenanigans in her journal. Claude was the name of a fictional character in her neighborhood.


I took this photo the same day as the "Shadow-Wave" icon in Denver. It's terribly outdated, as I no longer drive it, but of all the trucks I've driven in my short-career thus far, I have the most sentimental attachment to it. I use it when referencing trucking in general.

Where the wind blows tall

A self-portrait taken atop Soopageek Peak in the San Rafael Swell of central Utah. I tend to use this when an entry or comment becomes reflective, introspective, or philosophical.

What was that??

Shameless camwhoring that was taken the same day as the "Photowhore" icon. I use it when I'm trying to be clever or pointing out the obvious in a comment.

Who would want to use this?

Remember when I said I love sluts? I really do, but I thought this photoshop was amusing so I made an icon out of it.


I think I took this the same day I took the "LJ-ILuvYou" icon. I use it to convey displeasure with something, or when I'm leaving a comment with bad-ass attitude.


I don't have occasion to use this very often. It's the city limit sign of the town in North Carolina which bears my last name. It's also the location of a cemetery containing my great and great-great grandfathers. I think my grandfather plans to be buried there. I'm not sure about my dad. I'm leaning towards it, especially if my father does. That'd be five generations of paternal lineage. That'd be pretty cool.


Guns 'N Fucking Roses.


One of my photos of the Nevada Shoe Tree. I use it anytime I write about 'em.


When I submitted my journal for review in the_reviewers the first go 'round, pugofwar left a comment using this photo. I later decided to swipe it and turn it into an icon. I use it whenever I'm feeling sexy about myself. Reading pugofwar entries often make me feel that way.


I took this photo of welfy in a beach-side motel in Virginia, and that's all you need to know about this userpic.


With the dubious distinction of being the smarter of the two, Butthead was always my favorite and I can often be found doing lame impersonations of his laugh and his "Hey... baby" pickup line. Sometimes when I've seen something truly awesome, I'll adopt his voice and say "I've been to the mountain top...". I use this icon to convey teenager-like exuberance for something that rocks, or when I think I'm successful with a clever comment come-back.


I made this icon to explicitly state my desire for LiveJournal supremacy. Much like Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise, my sham of a relationship with welfy is an exercise in shameless coat-tail clinging.


I'm sure this originated at somewhere like Fark or Something Awful, but I stole it from a link spideman gave me after he had brilliantly used the basic gist of it in a journal entry in text form. I've seen an animated version of it floating around, too. I'm seldom in a mood to be mean enough to use it in an earnest manner, so I typically choose it in conjunction with an incredulous comment-response. Like some people would use "Get out!" or "No way!".


I made this during the time I started becoming involved with welfy and was writing sappy posts and comments on a regular basis. Like Eminem's final battle in 8 Mile, it was an attempt to diffuse everyone's sap-gagging by admitting it first. I still use it when I write these sorts of things, and particularly when commenting to someone else who has done it.


A humorous censorship of me and Welf kissing, simultaneously involving myself in the LJ-couple userpic cliche and poking fun at it. I still use it in comments when talking about Welf-specific relationship things.


Next to Warner Bros. cartoons, Tex Avery made some of the bestever. The generic Avery "Wolf" character which appears in a lot of his films is a great character on so many levels. This one comes from the classic where the Wolf is enamored with a nightclub lounge-singer, a scene which was paid homage rather famously in The Mask with Jim Carrey. I use this when I'm applauding a comment or entry written by one of you.


The photo was taken by evelynnash and comes from the day I first met her and some_noah (Hannah) at an ice cream shop in Lexington. I made it out of pure spite in response to an icon Hannah made. Welf had posted a photo of my senior class picture from high school that she had seen at my parent's house. Hannah took the photo and made an icon out of it (seen right). In her many journal changes over the past year, she no longer has it in her stock of userpics, but Welf still has it in hers. I still use it from time-to-time in comments left to Hannah.


Another photo taken by evelynnash, when she rode with me in the truck for a few weeks in the summer of 2005. We were sitting in a truckstop restaurant with our laptops most of the day while waiting for some repairs to be performed on the truck. I was multi-tasking with the phone, laptop, and cigarette and liked it so much that I decided to replace my old "Smokin'" icon with it.


Sure it's old meme... and I should... probably... make another default laughter icon.

I <3 BJs

Stolen from Steak And BJ Day's website. I still plan on animating it.


Master Shake from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force intro. I made it while teaching myself how to make animated icons from digital video rips. I use it when I want to convey general good-nature and happiness or when conversing about cartoons.


Also from the ATHF intro and the polar opposite of "Shake-Bounce". I use it when displaying comical or mock displeasure.


The last of the ATHF tri-fecta. Carl demonstrating with considerable prowess the air-guitar solo he wrote. I don't really have a specific thing I use this icon for, but it definitely shows up in ATHF-related conversations.

Buster Keaton at his finest

One of Buster Keaton's most famous stunts. I use it when talking about cinema and in lieu of the fact that I don't have many of them, it's kinda become my default movie icon.


Another B&B userpic with both of them this time. I use it in much the same manner that I do the "Butthead" icon mentioned earlier.


Another of the Tex Avery wolf. I used this for a while as a static photo which I found online somewhere. One day I got industrious in photoshop and hand-animated it using the single source photo. My own personal homage to Tex Avery being the eyes shooting out of his head and the Wolf catching-up to them. I use this most often when responding to photos of my hot, female LiveJournal friends or when a comment of mine descends into comical lasciviousness.


The original viral video. I love the Xiao Xiao series of films/games and hope someday that it'll actually be given some sort of closure. This clip comes from the first one. Few things have made me laugh as hard as the first time I watched this movie, particularly this scene. When he takes his shoe off and throws it at him right before hauling out the heavy artillery is a stroke or pure genius.


Of course, I have to have an icon depicting the group with whom I've ever come closest to being a "fan" in the truest sense of the word. I made a simple animation with the words and various photos I found online. Note how I named it with a "1" in anticipation of there being others.


Gary Oldman from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, inventing the double-decker cheeseburger. I use this whenever food is the primary topic of discussion.


From the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon series, in particular the one about "Interjections!". I stole it from peaces_icons even though I don't credit it on my userpic page. It's not like I know her or she's a friend of mine, so I find it absurd that she asks random strangers to "credit" her for the icon when all she does is do screen caps and simple animations culled from already copyrighted materials. My own self-centered egocentrism is as misguided as anyone else, but c'mon. Sheesh.

Music Collection

Made by another longtime LiveJournal.friend who I had the pleasure of meeting recently. This was a much-belated reciprocation for an icon I made for her (seen right) in another one of those icon meme making scenarios. The icon I made for her looks like crap because it was my very first attempt at making an animated GIF. One of these days I need to get off my lazy ass and remake it for her. The wait was worth it for this icon, because it's perfect; a succinct blend of my LiveJournal "presence" and one of my defining interests.

Typo#1, Typo#2, Fucked Up

The three winners of an icon contest I had when I decided I needed a userpic addressing my proclivity for poor proof-reading in conjunction with my atrocious typing, made by c_rob, delicarose, and lossfound respectively. I use the first two whenever I feel the need to correct a comment due to typos. I occasionally use the third for that reason, but also for admission/acknowledgment of factual errors in the text or where I've put my foot in my mouth.

You're Mohter

This also came out of the typo icon contest but wasn't a winner, I just thought it was funny.


The image and (misquoted) lyrics come from the "Sexy + 17" video by the Stray Cats. I made it specifically for use during the First Annual (oh, yes) SHOW US YOUR GAMS, series of entries in 2006.


Also culled from "Sexy + 17". I just always thought it was a neat part of the video and decided to do something with it while I was ripping the video for the "Marie" icon. Just a general purpose icon for fun, although I have on occasion intentionally used it when I felt like I was "school'n" someone, or I got schooled, or in conversations about school.


I made this from Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher Video" just because, well, who can't relate to Waldo in some way or another? I use it for fun and in conversations dealing with parenting, motherhood, children, etc.

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  • i've got more chins than chinatown

    For the first time ever in my life, I am dieting. I spent most of my adolescence and young adult life underweight; a mere 120-125 pounds in a 5'10"…

  • instant karma's gonna get ya

    Traversing Missouri the other day, two things transpired worth mentioning . I was loaded heavy and dutifully scaled my rig. Noting that I was 140…

  • gloooooom despaaaaiirrrrr and agony on me

    I'm not superstitious and don't believe in luck as supernatural force. Events which supposedly "bring bad luck" like broken mirrors, walking under…