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she's a brick.... howwwwse
was at the counter in a Kentucky Fried Chicken trying to give the high school kid with the squeaky voice behind the register my order. He was having a hard time concentrating on my need for a three-piece-Original-Recipe-extra-biscuit due to something which kept drawing his attention away from me. I didn't turn to look, but it was somewhere behind me in the dining room. A few moments later, I would see the reason for his distraction.

She was barely 5 foot nothin' with dark skin and petite, probably not a day over 17 in olive cargo pants and an absurd, floppy fisherman's hat. She was cute as she could be, too, bounding up to the counter to say something to a friend who was working there. Only, I noticed all of these attributes later. The moment my head turned her way the first thing I noticed were her ENORMOUS BREASTS poured into the tightest, teeniest brown T-shirt she owned. And remember, she was bounding.

Now I don't ordinarily get my head turned by breasts. It's fairly common knowledge that I'm all about the legs. But they were just so... THERE and it's uncommon that you see them on someone with such a small frame. As a breast-guy friend of mine might've once said, she was built like a brick shit-house. By the time I had torn my eyes away from them and taken in the rest of the package and got to her face, she was looking right at me and giving me the biggest shit-eating grin that said "I just caught you checking me out, old dude."

I smiled back then looked away, still waiting for the Colonel's legs and thighs. I could see in my peripheral view that she looked my way a couple of times to see if I'd check her out again. When she left the counter to return to her booth, I turned my body slightly so I could keep her in my peripheral view, but not look directly at her. She did a full turn and looked my way to see if I was watching her.

I wouldn't give her the satisfaction.

This makes me want to stuff my bra with water balloons and run errands tomorrow, see if I get the same reaction. Well...I know I'll get a reaction...but I want to know how often I get the reaction. *winkyface*

Maybe it could be a fun social experiment. Do the bra super-sutff'n then head to the mall with Pineapple in tow. Have him trail you from about 50 feet with a camera... or... or... a video camera.

Over the weekend, I posted something for you, but I figure you might've missed it as it got pushed further and further back in your f-list over the past couple of days. ;-)

Ain't it great to know how to play that little game? I work on a college campus, and you have to operate at a very high level in order to escape that 'creepy older employee' label. Sometimes, though, hormones get the better of me and I'll get 'busted,' so to speak.

I had a gym teacher in high school that had the same problem. Now, as a guy approaching 40, I understand and sympathize. As guys, we first started finding girls attractive in our/their mid-to-late teens. Just because we've gotten older doesn't mean one still won't turn our head on occasion.

In this particular case, this girl was obviously dressed to accentuate her most dominant physical feature, welcoming, and I'm sure getting kick-out-of, the attention it draws.

Ugh...I hate when they know it and act so smug about it.

No jealousy here...I used to be 5'9, 130 lbs. with 44DD's. I have been known to smack (not hard) guys usually in bars and tell them "The face is up here...talk to it!" I have always hated mine. :/

I think it was the smugness which didn't want me to give her the satisfaction of checking her out a second time, it was embarassing enough to have been caught the first time.

She was definitely a D, possibly a DD, but I doubt she had a 44 inch chest due to her stature.

Forgive my lasciviousness, but... 5'9"", 130, 44DD.

Like, whoa. ;-)

..and this is why I like having fellow men on my FL, because the women don't believe we go to such mental lengths in our 'oogling' :)

I have to say though, it's much *harder* to oogle when you're tall and unique looking, because the girls always notice. Yet if you're some lil soiled troll, you can sit and leer in total obscurity...

guess I'd rather be noticed ;)

Or great lengths so see the whole package... like, going out of your way to follow a girl for a few extra seconds just so you can walk past her and see if she's as pretty as the rear-view would suggest.

It's a shame that she didn't try to get you to look at her brain instead. Silly little girl.

Well, in her defense, I'm sure she's in the business of attracting high school boys at this point in her life... and we all know where teenage boys' brains are.

Girls shouldn't be so smug about their boobs. I've even had women look at ME if I get caught looking at them, like, "YOU LESBIAN!" But, c'mon, they're HUGE. It's the first thing you see!

I like my 36B's and I'm glad that men usually have to appreciate me for something other than my chest. :^)

I want your boobs welf!!!!

It's true about appreciating for something else. I have always had to PROVE that I had a brain...even in business situations. Gah! Men and their boob fixation.

BTW...nice rack there. ;)

ok ok ok I have to weigh in on this tooooooo.........

nothin to say really, just felt an obscene need to push my own cleavage into the fray...

Between you and Welf sport'n your boobs icons, I'm thinking as sequel to SHOW US YOUR GAMS, I should do SHOW US YOUR CLEAVAGE!

I like that you know the entire contents of this girl's closet. Stalker.

It's what you love about me.

This totally gave me the best idea for a story. Sweet.

When I see smirky girls dressed like that coming towards me, I either stare right at their eyes with a look of boredom or look beyond them.

Works every time, because they'll always get PISSED at any guy who ignores them and is obviously not gay.

I do the same thing to generically-good-looking guys who think they're hot stuff. I should be drooling over them, or so they think. I just pretend they're not there and they act hurt. Bwahaha.

I mostly do this because the "popular, hot" guys in school used to never give me a second look. Now that I've "grown up" they think it's okay to act nice to me!

(Deleted comment)
HA! While I certainly don't condone his actions, that's an awesome story.

You and your breast-guy friend offend the shit out of me, brother. The only thing I find attractive about women are their personality and sense of humour.

Riiiight, next time I'll filter Sam from one of these entries so you can speak your mind without having your nuts cut off. ;-)

I love the mashed potatoes at KFC.


Are you talking about those mashed potato bowls with the cheese and gravy? I keep meaning to try them, but usually I'm getting food I can eat handily that don't require forks.