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the return of the lyrics contest

couple of years ago, I did a little lyrics game in this journal that grew out of a conversation with huskerdude1 about being able to guess song lyrics when you only had a word from the end of one line and the first word of another. I did a couple of these games before abandoning it. My pal, tpbrcombo thought it would be fun to revive this basic idea for a lyric game in a musically themed community we're involved in. The game necessitates the screening of comments. So that the moderators of the community can play, without seeing people's answers, we agreed to host it in our personal journals and link from that community to here. In a twist of cosmic justice, tpbrcombo has been so busy with work-related matters that he was unable to complete his game for the month of September, thus leaving me hanging much like I did my f-list when I never finished the last game I ran. At any rate, I agreed to host and moderate the game for the month of October.

The upside of this is, you get to play, too!

The basic idea is this: it's a 4 Round game lasting one month. The first round begins with a couple of words from a song. Each week, more words are added to either end of the lyric snippet with a decreasing point value for getting the answer correct. Round 1=4pts, Round 2= 3pts, Round 3= 2pts, Round 4+ = 1pt.

U.S. cities are frequently name-checked in rock/pop music, so I thought it'd make a fun theme for October's lyrics game. Below are 20 songs for you to guess with a U.S. city in the lyrics. There are an additional 5 songs (21-25) which all reference New Orleans somewhere in the lyrics, since it appears to be the most referenced city in music, but not in the lines I'm using. These five New Orleans songs adhere to the classic format of this game: one word from the end of one line and one word from the beginning of the next line. Each week, I'll add one word to either side of the lyric.

Round One will be the "Shot in the Dark" round, with only the city name worth four points. You can only make ONE GUESS for each song per round, and not every song you can think of with that city in it. Some of these are probably guessable by only the mention of the city, but they span multiple genres and eras to level the playing field. A final note: if the song also contains the name of the state in the lyrics, it will be added in Round Two in addition to the new words on either side. For instance: if I were using "Take It Easy" by The Eagles, Round One would be "Winslow". Round two would be "in Winslow, Arizona and". I'll also add that, there's at least one in here that I don't expect anyone to get, it's just in there because it's one of my favorite songs, but not a well known one by that artist.

Comments are screened, and using any search engine other than the one in your head is low-down and dirty. We'll never know you cheated, but God knows it and so do you.

Got it? Ok, let's play!

1. Boston
2. Pueblo
3. Birmingham
4. Wichita
5. L.A.
6. New York City
7. D.C.
8. Reno
9. Miami
10. Tallahassee
11. Tupelo
12. Chicago
13. Memphis
14. Omaha
15. Lincoln
16. Compton
17. Detroit
18. Louisville
19. Charlotte
20. Vicksburg
21. done, spend
22. well, but
23. mine, we
24. green, I'm
25. place, and

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