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lyrics game, Round Two

mrslk: 16 (#4, #8, #14, #15)
frozenrhino: 8 (#10, #20)
m0nkeygrl: 8 (#4, #8)
janietrain: 8 (#8, #21)
betawriter: 4 (#8)
bulletsandbones: 4 (#20)
tpbrcombo: 4 (#12)
sexywitch: 4 (#8)
kungfoogirl: 4 (#8)
ange420: 4 (#4)
twoswimy: 4 (#8)

I figured a lot of people would get #8 and that a few people would get #4. I was surprised more people didn't get a correct guess on #14 and I was shocked that Paul got #12, lucky duck. Janie was one of the only people to successfully get one of the "New Orleans" songs. I was sad that no one got #2. Several of them in Round Two will be fairly obvious if you know the song. Regardless of the outcome of the game, obscurek wins the distinction of providing the funniest answers. It doesn't deserve to remain screened, so if you want a good chuckle, go check it out.

Just in case you've forgotten, lyrics 21-25 are all from songs which mention New Orleans. Correct answers for this round are worth 3 points.

1. of Boston, up
2. from Pueblo, Colorado and
3. from Birmingham, bam
4. to Wichita, far
5. to L.A., but
6. in New York City, I
7. old D.C., well
8. in Reno just
9. reached Miami Beach
10. south Tallahassee, down
11. in Tupelo, there
12. Kid Chicago, I
13. to Memphis on
14. of Omaha, you
15. of Lincoln, Nebraska with
16. of Compton, to
17. south Detroit, he
18. in Louisville, lived
19. to Charlotte, they're
20. around Vicksburg, around
21. have done, spend your
22. so well, but he
23. in mine, we sang
24. and green, I'm gonna
25. topless place, and I


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I got one! I got one! I have no more guesses. Not yet anyway. Is there a round 3?

Yes, and a Round Four. :)

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