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hypothetical question Saturday

have an another idea for a hypothetical question. Despite the subject's allusion to the contrary, I doubt I'll be able to think of an interesting question once a week. This one is much less controversial than last week's question. Give it some consideration based on the parameters of the question and give your answer before entering the discussion. Have fun.

Astronomers have discovered a solar system 20 light years from earth of similar age and composition to our own, but outside of that have little information about the composition of the planets themselves. Scientists have also devised a way to accelerate a space vehicle to the speed of light using a combination of on-board fuel and a space-based "slingshot" of sorts. NASA announces the creation of a manned mission to this solar system. The living quarters of the vehicle is a mini-biosphere with a nuclear power source capable of sustaining human life for a virtually indefinite period of time, barring any on/off board catastrophe. There will only be enough fuel left on-board the vehicle to slow it down upon reaching the new solar system with a little left over to thrust it from one planet to another at minimal speeds. The mini-biosphere is part of a larger landing capsule which can separate from the main vehicle, and capable of surviving a Earth-like atmosphere entry. NASA is accepting a mixed crew of four, fertile male and female couples for what will be a one-way mission for the purpose of procreation in the name of science and the potential (however unlikely) remote colonization of the human race. The couples will represent a cross-section of humanity. Obviously there will be a number of scientists and engineers on-board for practical reasons but NASA decides that one of these couples will be an everyday, all-American couple. The living quarters are wired for constant audio and video feeds for observation purposes. Due to the speed of the craft however, real-time two-way communication will be impractical and within a matter of days, any real two-way communication will be impossible. Due to the controversial nature of the mission, NASA is accepting the crew solely on a volunteer basis.

Hypothetically speaking, you're fertile and otherwise capable of performing this mission and, on a whim, you and your hypothetical S.O. present an application to NASA. Much to your surprise, you are chosen.

Do you go?
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