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playing scrabble with amy and dwayne is fun...

i don't really like beer....

Kentucky lost tonight... while it saddens me... it's one of the few CORRECT brackets i've had in the tourney pool i'm in...

Reverend Horton Heat is a sooooowaaawwwwvvvvv [suave] mother fucker.... glad i got to see him perform last night... looking forward to going to see Holly Golightly next week....

i'm NOT loking forward to a 16 hour bus trip to south carolina... and a resulting 12 hour drive back.... [ugh]

women: it took heartache, conflicting emotions, deception, and worry to fully apprecaite what blues music is all about.... but damnit they're so neat anyway... [soft, too!]

i've come to the realization that what really bothers me is that she started seeing someone else before i did.... i thought i was above competing with an ex.... i guess i'm a human after all... silly mortals

i need to start another band

Lollipop rocks... we don't

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