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random photos
'm fond of saying that life happens faster than the speed of LiveJournal. At least it should. I know it does for me. Every few months, I find myself with directories full of photos that I never did anything with; just shoved them in a folder on the hard drive or an album of my photo gallery. I never showed them to anyone, never wrote about it.

I find time for the big things, the important things, the interesting things but a lot still never makes it to my LiveJournal. And I like sharing photos. What's the point of taking a photograph in no one sees it?

To combat this frustration, I think every month or two I'll do what I'm getting ready to do now: gather a small group from all these photos and just present them with no exposition, no explanation. Maybe they amuse me, or the subject matter is interesting. Hopefully you'll think so, too. Feel free to ask anything about something you see which piques your curiosity, or just enjoy them for what they are: something pretty to look at.

As a point of reference: there are 32 photos, all from June 2006 through October 2006.


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I need to learn to do this too - but I try to do it daily - but lately I am too busy, right now. Boo, but I should do this too.

I really like that one.


I wanna go there - yay shoe fetish/shoe whore. ::looks around for hockeyfag::

Nice Jacket and reflection. This one really speaks to me for some reason. Maybe it is because it seems like all the stuff is "inside you".

I have a crap load of more things I could say em all - I'd hate to bore you.

I don't photograph daily, but then when I do, I have a zillion of them. Then they pile up and i never get anything done with them. The ones that have a great story to go with it, like the mines or whatever I get to, but not the random stuff so much...

The one outside of the cut doesn't work. :(

Do you see any photos before the distillery photo?

Ohhh 3rd comment who's a LJ addict now?!

You kinda remind me of my friend Brett.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

you can click if you wanna enlarge.

Those are fabulous. (I think the vultures are my favorite, but it's hard to choose just one. :-))

I like that photo a lot, too. I was standing on the roof of the old distillery building that's a few shots back. As a point of reference, as your looking at the front of the distillery building, you can see two different structures on the roof: one in the center with the tanks and pipe and the other to the right with the light ficture on the side of it. The vultures were sitting on one on the right with the light, on the higher of the two frames.

I love the pic of you with Lincoln on your head. Pretty darn cool.

I hate when I see a picture and my mother instinct kicks in. I was sitting here going "No Welf!! Get your butt away from that floor! There are horrible germs there!!!" ;)

Hehehehe. My middle name is Lincoln. Ol' Abe is actually a distant relative of mine. My great-grandmother, May Lincoln Teachey was like, his second cousin or something.

Some that don't make my LJ chopping block

[the better of my photography]
I swear I thought I gave Welfy the link but I guess not.

Re: Some that don't make my LJ chopping block

Good stuff. I really liked the candelabra photo. Looks like your having a good time playing with long exposures with your Rebel. :)

I think it's so cool that you can get T&A at the World's Largest Truckstop in Iowa.

I'm sure for about $20, you probably can in the parking lot.

True friends are good at distracting eachother right?

I'm glad you got some good shots of the truck-stop...it was rainy the day you took me there.

I really adore the gas-station cats. Were they the only two? Reminds me of Rebecca-Ruth...what is the name of the male equivelent of a cat lady? :^P

And that picture of me in Old Crow is one of my favorite pictures of myself.

Adoooooooooooore all the pictures of you, of course. My hottie. :^)

I love you.

my favorite is also the gas station cats.

(Deleted comment)
It gave me the giggles, too. Which is why I had to take a photo of it. :)

The Erin crouching one–uh-huh.

Yeah I like it, too. It's one of the better photos I've managed get of her in the past few months.

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