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'm fond of saying that life happens faster than the speed of LiveJournal. At least it should. I know it does for me. Every few months, I find myself with directories full of photos that I never did anything with; just shoved them in a folder on the hard drive or an album of my photo gallery. I never showed them to anyone, never wrote about it.

I find time for the big things, the important things, the interesting things but a lot still never makes it to my LiveJournal. And I like sharing photos. What's the point of taking a photograph in no one sees it?

To combat this frustration, I think every month or two I'll do what I'm getting ready to do now: gather a small group from all these photos and just present them with no exposition, no explanation. Maybe they amuse me, or the subject matter is interesting. Hopefully you'll think so, too. Feel free to ask anything about something you see which piques your curiosity, or just enjoy them for what they are: something pretty to look at.

As a point of reference: there are 32 photos, all from June 2006 through October 2006.

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