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quick lyrics game

was reading through some journals and came across a quick and dirty lyrics game in chikkiboo's journal involving first lines to songs from a couple of days ago. I thought it'd be fun to do here today, since I'm bored. Here's the first lines to 50 songs. No comment screening, no points, just something fun to play on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Give your answers before reading the comments, Google'n 'n shit is cheat'n, yo.

1) Kings from Queens, from Queens come Kings
2) You don't know me but you don't like me
3) Well I feel bad and I've felt worse
4) Hey hey momma, said the way you move
5) I backed my car into a cop car the other day
6) People try to put us down
7) If I, I get to know your name
8) As I was walking down the street one day
9) My daddy was working 9 to 5 when my momma was having me
10) I've got so much trouble on my mind

11) Some guys try to pickup girls and get called an asshole
12) The chills that you spill up my back
13) I know you want to leave me
14) That's great it starts with an earthquake
15) I'm not bragging babe, so don't put me down
16) Darlin' you've got to let me know
17) As I walk along I wonder what went wrong
18) You jump in front of my car
19) His name is Johnny Jr. but his friends call him Hot Rod
20) I bet you wonder how I knew
21) She's a good girl, loves her momma
22) I can't see anything at all
23) Loaded like a freight train
24) You can tell by the way I use my walk
25) Out where the river broke
26) Screen door slams, Mary just sways
27) Just plug me in like I was Eddie Harris
28) I'm not content to be with you in the day time
29) She's not a girl who misses much
30) You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on
31) Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
32) If you like to gamble I tell you I'm your man
33) Jeremiah was a bullfrog
34) I saw her today at the reception
35) Something in the way you love me won't let me be
36) You got a lot of nerve, to say you are my friend
37) You haven't moved from that spot all night since you asked for a light you little smoke stack
38) Some folks are born made to wave the flag
39) Broken glass everywhere
40) Hey man, oh leave me alone, you know
41) Nice girls, not one with a defect
42) I was watching with one eye on the other side
43) Daddy? Yes, son. What does regret mean?
44) Well life on the farm is kinda laid back
45) All right stop, collaborate and listen
46) Can't seem to get my mind off of you
47) Big wheels keep on turning
48) Tonight you're mine completely
49) You're a real tough cookie with a long history
50) Here's my story, it's sad but true

If you wanna do another 50, go check out chikkiboo's game here. Also, 3weasel has 50 lyrics up for guessing in his journal.
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