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i'll take your photo for ya, drive you around the corner
mused in my daily log yesterday about taking a single photo at the beginning of my day. My thinking is that I'll do it from within 50-100 feet of the truck but no more, just a daily record of where I am, visually. I know I'd never have the time or inclination to grab the photo out of the camera every.single.day and post it, so I compromised by making a deal with myself to post them weekly in my journal.

The other issue I was running into is the impractical nature of my current camera. Don't get me wrong, I love the quality and features of my Fujifilm Finepix S5100, but it doesn't serve all of my needs, largely because it is too big and bulky. I have been toying around with the idea buying a small point-and-shoot for some time now. I need something I can shove in the pockets of my cargo pants or in my coat. I need something that can ride on the dash while I'm driving. Since I've been a fan of my current Fujifilm product, I decided to go with the Finepix A700.

It's fully automated, only a 3x optical zoom, and best of all, small and cheap. When I need the extra zoom or manual settings, I still have the S5100. This is strictly for quick snapshots. I put a rush order on it with three day shipping, so hopefully I'll have it by Friday before I go back on the road next Monday.

I tried to take my first daily photo this morning with my S5100, but all my batteries were dead. Maybe I'll take one later when we stop for fuel as a substitute.

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Oooo! Pretty!

I have an old FujiFilm A205 and considering it's only a 2.0m, I think it's done pretty well. If you can't afford anything fancy schmancy, a FujiFilm is a the way to go because it's still got one of the best photo quality things about it, eh? I love FujiFilm and if ever I have the money to buy a better camera, I'd probably still stick with Fuji.

That one looks really nice!

Yeah, from my own limited experience and from what I've read, the Fujifilm is hard to beat for picture quality, especially for color.

My next camera will likely be a digital SLR, once I feel comfortable spending in the $700+ range for a camera body. Right now I'm leaning toward the Canon D70 but I have my eye on the Fujifilm S3. One of the big things that draws me to the S3 over the D70 is that fact that it uses AA batteries rather than a proprietary battery pack and my good experience with Fujifilm cameras to date.

Most people go with Canon, at least in the photographer communities, but I would probably go with Fujifilm too because of my experience with them and the battery thing and such. Honestly, if I could afford it, I'd get a variety of different cameras of the best resolution and quality that I could but seeing as how that isn't possible...

My dad picked the FujiFilm for another reason besides Fuji quality, which was that because it is so much cheaper, he was able to buy extra add on stuff like memory cards and other nifties. I've had my camera since 2004 and although I have been longing a bit more for a newer one these days, I still think it's held up pretty well!

I'm drooling a bit at the thought of 7 megapixels.

Ummm, I messed up, confusing company's camera series. D70 is a Nikon... I was thinking of the Canon 20D... *sighs*

At any rate, yeah, the only reason I'm kinda favoring the Canon is because of their reputation and the amount of lenses, filters, and lighting that already exists for Canon SLR bodies. The Fujifilm S3, though, does utilize a Nikon lens mount... so there's that.

The megapixels doesn't really matter that much to me, as long as it has a decent lens and photosensor. My S5100 is only a 4MP camera and I think it takes great pictures over some I've seen taken with ostensibly better cameras.

I have the same issue with mine. Luckily, Mike picked up a skinny little Sony of some sort recently, so I can just borrow his.

Welf has a smaller camera and I've kinda been envying it, unfortunately "borrowing it" really isn't an option. :)

Hopefully this camera will be perfect for me. I'm all the time seeing things and thinking "wow I wish my camera" but going back to retrieve the case, open the case, turn it on, remove the lens cap, and return to take the photo... yeah, I just don't have that kinda time. I need something that'll always been on me when I leave the truck.

Gimme that one above...I'll switch you!

I'm all the time seeing things and thinking "wow I wish my camera" but going back to retrieve the case, open the case, turn it on, remove the lens cap, and return to take the photo...

Yup, I do the same. My camera was a graduation present from my dad, and he picked up a case for it too- it is bigger than any purse I own (and I own a few big ones)! Too much of a pain to carry on the off chance of wanting to take a picture.

I actually have the opposite problem. Last year, when the wife was hinting for a good digital camera, most of those that I could find were so small, I was scared that we'd lose it. After looking at the product reviews on Amazon and CircuitCity.com, I went up to Albuquerque, but after a couple of trips, I just gave up on the idea.

This year, she's hinting around again for Christmas and I guess maybe it's time. I like the zoom and stuff on our regular film, point-and-shoot, plus I like the price range that you mentioned about you new cam. (The daughter asked Santa for a laptop and because she wouldn't tell anybody what was in her letter, I really have to lean toward granting her wish. Though, I'm not yet making any promises)

Anyway, since you're knowledgeable and a good photographer, do you have any suggestions about a good digital, that'll take good pictures, be close to a point-and-shoot and have a regular-type zoom? (Obviously, the wife is the one who has had the photography classes and I'm mostly the guy who records the video)


I can't say enough about the Fujifilm S5100.

It has the look and feel of an SLR and takes great pictures. You can operate it as a fully automated point and shoot with a variety of pre-programmed modes or you can go fully manual and set your own shutter-speed and F-stop. It has other nice features such as continuous shooting and an +/- exposure offset that's kinda cool: when shooting in manual mode, in addition to whatever exposure you've chosen, it will take two additional shots at an increased and decreased exposure based on the settings you've given it.

It's only 4MP, but the quality of photos I've gotten out of it over the past couple of years have been really good. It has a 10x optical zoom and well as an adapter for using 50mm filter rings.

While I sing it's praises, like anything, it has it's issues. The LCD viewer on the back is pretty small at 1.5". Also, while it's capable of manual focusing it's a pain in the ass to use so I typically stick with autofocusing. I've never had much luck with macro shots either, it's not very good for closeups.

All in all, I think it's a great camera to be a mid-range prosumer. When my first one was stolen, I replaced it with an identical camera rather than shopping for another. I liked it that much.

Of course, this is an older version of their "current line". I just did some quick price comparison checks. The S5100 (4 MP)/S5200(5 MP) still retail for around $200-$220. The current S6500 (6MP) prices around $300 and the S9600 (9 MP) is retailing around $400-$450. Frankly I'd never pay $400 for a prosumer camera. If I was going to get into those price ranges, I'd start looking at true digital SLR cameras, but that's me. For what you get with a $200 price tag out of the 5100/5200, it's well worth the investment. You have near professional control over the camera's operation and high-quality photos suitable up to at least 8x10. It's been claimed you can get decent 11x17 prints out of this camera. I've never tried it, but I'd be skeptical of a 4MP camera producing a quality 11x17 print.

The only other digital camera I've been exposed to with any frequency is the Canon A520 PowerShot I got for Welf last year. It's smaller, looking more like a digital camera, but not teensy. It has a 4x optical zoom and all the manual settings you could want, but still works great just as a basic point and shoot. It takes nice pictures, but I don't like the color as well as I what I get out of the Fujifilm.

While I appreciate your confidence in my knowledge, frankly that's really all I could give you except for my limited reading at the usual review sites. If you've never checked them out, Steve's Digicams is a great resource for comparing cameras and getting very in-depth reviews, including model comparison within camera categories.

It's a really good idea, particularly since you're everywhere all the time, but when you say the beginning of the day, you mean after you put your pants on, right? I don't need any more nightmares like back in April.

I think in theory it's a good idea, I'm not sure how interesting it'll actually be.

No, I'll wait until I get dressed and outside of the truck. The last thing I need on the internet are pictures of me with my underwear around my ankles, the previous night's porn on an endless loop on the laptop screen, and the bottle of KY Lube with the cap still off of it.

Not to mention all those soiled tissues and wankrags still glued to your thighs because you fell asleep before you remembered to stuff them down the back of the seats.

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