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Daily Photos: November 18-26
made a threat last week to begin taking a daily photo. My initial goal was to take a photo at the beginning of my day, every day, and post them as a collection once per week. I've been faithful in my picture taking, but have decided to expand the scope of this project somewhat. I still plan to take a photo at the beginning of every day, as it may be the only picture I feel inclined to take. But if I do take other photos and I feel one trumps that first one, it will go in its place.

I will take at least one photo every day. I will choose exactly one photo from that day for the weekly entry, which I will post every Monday morning as a collection. Those of you on the soopaphoto feed will sometimes get a sneak peak at them when I upload them on Sunday.

These photos go back through last Saturday, so there are 9 photos in this maiden collection. Enjoy.

November 18 - New Braunfels, Texas

November 19 - Zapata, Texas

November 20 - Longtown, Tennessee

November 21 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

November 22 - Ohio Tollroad Service Plaza, west of Cleveland

November 23 - Indianapolis, Indiana

November 24 - Frankfort, Kentucky

November 25 - Paris, Kentucky

November 26 - Frankfort, KY

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I like Zapata, Texas. The "SAY NO TO DOPE" made me giggle. I also like the one of Welfy, the colors are beautiful. As for the photolog deal. I'm doing something kinda like it. I'm going to take a picture of me every day in 2007. It's done before by others but I wanna do it now, and I put it off this year some.

It's an interesting idea for a photography experiment. What I'm hoping someone has had the forethought to do, in this digital age of cameras, is to start with a child of theirs from birth and do a daily or weekly photo and when the child is old enough to give them a camera and have them continue it. Some day, someone will have a cradle-to-grave photo collection. That would be pretty cool.

I actually plan on doing that when I have kids. When they are seven, like I was, I'm going to get them a first camera if they like it or not! I think it'd be amazing. I just don't wanna be like a slacking period, I'm always taking pictures of my family but they never take any of me. Oh well.

Wow, nice sunset. I wish I had my camera with me this morning, I saw a beautiful rainbow.

This is exactly the reason I bought this new camera. There were way too many times when "I wish I had my camera". It's been nice and I've been thrilled with the quality of photos. Last night, I was sitting in a restaurant getting some carry-out and saw an interesting idea for a photograph. It was nice being able to whip it out of my pocket and take it while waiting for my food.

The photo of Welf and the Sunset beneath it are just lovely.

Thanks! It's hard to go wrong with a sunset photo. The one of Welf was dumb luck. Then again, when the subject matter is that great, I guess it's hard to go wrong with that either. ;-)

Can I really be homesick for a truck? I'll end up with my CDL if this keeps up!

Really nice photos. Everyone else said the rest.

Thx for taking me (and the rest of us) with you.

Heh. DO IT! It'd take care of your two more immediate problems at the moment. ;-) Lots of states have financial assistance programs under the guise of adult-education/vocational-retraining.

(Deleted comment)
First of all, thank you for such a nice comment. :)

If I was trying to take the photos out of my camera, resize, upload, etc on a daily basis, I think it would become tedious and boring for me as well, which is why I opted for doing a weekly format. All I have to worry about is taking the photo(s) every day, then just do something with them once per week. I figure I can stick to that. :)

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