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For the past six years or so, I've been loosley involved with an EFnet channel called #mp3indie. It was, in the old days before everybody and their grandmother was downloading music, a place for some like minded folks to get together and discuss music and get exposed to new things. The channel is not what it used to be. As all of us grew, our tastes grew and the dependence on each other for exposure were negated by the phenomena mp3 has become. But occasionally a good musical conversation will arise. Here, presented for your amusement:
[23:07] (wre) Serena Williams was shot to death today
[23:08] (soopageek) lindsey davenport wishes
[23:09] (KiDCoDEa) ?
[23:09] (wre) oh
[23:09] (wre) older sister
[23:10] (KiDCoDEa) Sister of Venus and Serena Williams killed
[23:11] (wre) yeh
[23:11] (wre) i only read the headline
[23:11] (wre) then i was let down
[23:11] (wre) shot in comptom!
[23:11] (KiDCoDEa) is dat news?
[23:11] (soopageek) she was the "ghetto" willaims sister
[23:12] (wre) no shit
[23:12] (wre) how is that headline news?
[23:13] (wre) on cnn
[23:13] (wre) must be a slow news day
[23:13] (soopageek) well, lately it's not news unless someone famous or semi-famous dies every day
[23:13] (soopageek) they're reaching
[23:13] (KiDCoDEa) 8.56 shouldabeen da news
[23:23] *** Bedpan has quit IRC
[23:32] (LARM) so they have another sister?
[23:33] (wre) i guess the black sheep of the family
[23:33] (LARM) or is this another john-ritter death ploy to take attention away from someone who really deserves it?
[23:33] (LARM) oh, by the way...
[23:33] (LARM) i want to marry emmylou harris
[23:33] (LARM) she's like 50
[23:33] (LARM) but gorgeous
[23:33] (LARM) and her voice is angelic
[23:33] (wre) angelic? heh
[23:33] (LARM) indeed
[23:33] (LARM) she started talking about johnny cash
[23:33] (LARM) and almost cried
[23:36] (LARM) i'm becoming a hippy i think
[23:37] (wre) heh
[23:37] (wre) becoming?
[23:37] (LARM) i don't care
[23:37] *** daikaiju has joined #mp3indie
[23:37] (LARM) this weekend was awesome
[23:37] *** josefk has quit IRC ( irc.Prison.NET)
[23:37] (wre) my weekend blew
[23:37] (LARM) i got to see neil young play cortez the killer for 18 minutes
[23:37] (daikaiju) so did mine
[23:37] (daikaiju) I bet that was a thrill a minute
[23:37] (LARM) oh it was
[23:38] (LARM) i was next to this drunken 54 year old guy
[23:38] (LARM) in a suit
[23:38] (LARM) and we were standing
[23:38] (LARM) and he kept yelling at the old people sitting down
[23:38] (daikaiju) sounds like a kinship
[23:38] (LARM) 'there's a genius on stage, you fat yuppies!'
[23:38] (LARM) it was
[23:38] (LARM) built to spill do an awesome cover of cortez the killer live
[23:38] (daikaiju) someone had a few too many bong hits
[23:39] (LARM) dude.
[23:39] (daikaiju) next up you'll be lamenting Jerry Garcia's passing
[23:39] (LARM) if you can't respect neil young i can't trust you with a musical opinion
[23:39] (daikaiju) then you'll start touring with Phish
[23:39] (daikaiju) respect is one thing
[23:40] (LARM) he could be totally resting on his hits
[23:40] (daikaiju) but honestly he was a lot more exciting 15 years ago
[23:40] (LARM) like paul mccartnety
[23:40] (LARM) and selling out stadiums
[23:40] (LARM) i don't agree man
[23:40] (daikaiju) and then again, that was when he came back the FIRST time
[23:40] (LARM) i think the fact that he can still play the guitar like he did...but now he's even more exciting
[23:41] (daikaiju) I mean we're talking about the guy who recorded Trans
[23:41] (LARM) came back?
[23:41] (LARM) he's never gone away
[23:41] (LARM) heh, so you hold two albums against him?
[23:41] (daikaiju) I'm speaking in terms of popularity
[23:41] (LARM) at least he tried something
[23:41] (LARM) so what he failed
[23:41] (LARM) he's failed a lot...that's part of the appeal
[23:41] (daikaiju) coming back
[23:41] (LARM) it's more dramatic than someone who makes the same music all the time
[23:42] (daikaiju) I'm referring to his several "comebacks"
[23:42] (daikaiju) his first big revival was with Freedom
[23:42] (LARM) yeh, but those comebacks are only coined by the media
[23:42] (LARM) he's never stopped making music
[23:42] (daikaiju) they're not just with the media
[23:42] (daikaiju) it's with his record/tour sales as well
[23:43] (LARM) they've never announced a show of his as 'the comeback tour' or something though
[23:43] (daikaiju) it could be argued that alex chilton never stopped making music either
[23:43] (LARM) i guess what i mean is that he's never used the comeback thing himself
[23:43] (daikaiju) but he sucks the big fat shit log now too
[23:43] (LARM) no, he's put out at least an album almost ever year
[23:43] (LARM) dude
[23:44] (LARM) who are your favorite guitarists?
[23:44] (daikaiju) that's not the point here
[23:44] (LARM) no, i'm just saying
[23:44] (LARM) i hear a lot of his influence on some great bands
[23:44] (LARM) BTS, modest mouse, etc
[23:44] (daikaiju) to be sure
[23:44] (LARM) and i think they'd admit to it
[23:44] (daikaiju) surely of that as well
[23:44] (LARM) oh well
[23:44] (LARM) we'll always disagree
[23:45] (LARM) i love his new shit
[23:45] (daikaiju) I'm not dismissing his greatness
[23:45] (LARM) i'm not totally die-hard, i'm not into Trans or anything
[23:45] (daikaiju) I'm just dissing it being the greatest thing since sliced bread
[23:45] (LARM) well, i guess he is for me...
[23:45] (LARM) in terms of songwriting
[23:45] (daikaiju) it's like you started sucking his bone
[23:45] (LARM) he's #2 to dylan in my world
[23:45] (LARM) naw, i go in phases
[23:45] (LARM) i was this way with pere ubu
[23:46] (LARM) surely you remember
[23:46] (daikaiju) I remember
[23:46] (daikaiju) it's a little overbearing though
[23:46] (LARM) i just got really into a band every now and then
[23:46] (daikaiju) like Zwan
[23:46] (LARM) fuck you, pussy
[23:46] (daikaiju) haha
[23:46] (LARM) i was never really into zwan dude
[23:46] (wre) hahaha
[23:46] (wre) yeh ok
[23:46] (daikaiju) that's a nice Zwan trucker hat you have there
[23:46] (LARM) i talked about that a lot because that fag chris from canada was coming for the show
[23:46] (wre) Zwan hats and T shirts
[23:47] (LARM) you know what?
[23:47] (LARM) right now, you both may be correct
[23:47] (daikaiju) hehehe
[23:47] (LARM) but i'm the winner...
[23:47] (LARM) and this is why
[23:47] (LARM) right now
[23:47] (LARM) i'm real high
[23:47] (LARM) and i have ben n jerry's in the freezer
[23:47] (LARM) half baked
[23:47] (daikaiju) well you lose then
[23:47] (daikaiju) because I'm high
[23:47] (LARM) i'm gonna watch rushmore in surround
[23:47] (daikaiju) and I have a guiness
[23:47] (LARM) fuck a guiness
[23:47] (soopageek) speaking of Neil Young by way of Zwan, Slint did a mighty nice cover of Cortez the Killer, too
[23:47] (LARM) i drank pale ale with neil young fanatics last night
[23:48] (daikaiju) and I STOPPED playing xbox in surround
[23:48] (LARM) that shit is good
[23:48] (LARM) yeh, slint's cover is great
[23:48] (daikaiju) and listening to the new Mojave3
[23:48] (LARM) BTS plays it for like 20 minutes, the last 10 being guitar
[23:48] (LARM) see, soopageek knows
[23:48] (soopageek) i love neil
[23:48] (daikaiju) no, he's just smoothing out the conversation
[23:49] (LARM) i don't see how anyone who listens to good music can't like neil
[23:49] (soopageek) one of canada's finer exports...
[23:49] (daikaiju) but soopa would never go the fanboy route
[23:49] (LARM) i mean, if you like will oldham...and you don't like neil, you're a moron
[23:49] (LARM) same with a lot of bands
[23:49] (soopageek) actually, if you don't like neil, yer just a moron
[23:49] (LARM) true
[23:49] (LARM) but i'm trying to make it easier
[23:49] (daikaiju) what is this insinuation that I DON'T like neil?
[23:49] (daikaiju) I've seen him several times
[23:50] (daikaiju) but I don't rabble on like he's my woman
[23:50] (LARM) i forget
[23:50] (LARM) dude, i just saw him twice in a row the last 2 nights
[23:50] (LARM) so i'm talking about it
[23:50] (LARM) fag
[23:50] (daikaiju) haha

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