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Snowy Texas

esterday, the drive between Ft. Worth and Abilene, Texas was treacherous. There were high winds and precipitation with temperatures approaching freezing. The result was a mix of snow and freezing rain.

As most of you know, bridges freeze before roadways because the cold air can circulate on all sides of the pavement. In high wind, bridges are also the worst place for gusts because there are no hills, trees, or buildings blocking it. This combination of factors makes this particularly dangerous for big trucks, a 14 foot high "wall on wheels" so to speak. Yesterday on I-20, was like driving through a graveyard of trucks.

This Schneider truck lost it on the bridge you can see right behind him.

Later down the road, another truck was jack-knifed in the median, apparently after losing control coming across the bridge at the top of the hill.

If you look closely in the picture above you can see another trailer on the other side of the bridge at the top of the hill, sticking up in the air. Here's a better look. And if you look closely in THIS picture, you'll notice there's a third truck on the right side of the highway lying on it's side, obscured by the guard rail.

I'm not sure if they got tangled in each other on the bridge and both lost control or if they are independent accidents, but it was rather sobering to see three wrecked trucks at a single bridge. I was just thankful to get through my day without incident. The winter driving season is here!
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