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Daily Photos: November 27 - December 3
November 27 - Frankfort, Kentucky Christmas Kitty

November 28 - Frankfort, Kentucky Erin's Midnight Milkshake

November 29 - I-40 westbound, Arkansas Southbound

November 30 - Abilene, Texas On Ice

December 1 - Eloy, Arizona Christmas Truck

December 2 - Eloy, Arizona Larger Than Jim Backus

December 3 - Pahrump, Nevada Desert Sunrise

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And then you snapped those icy treats off your truck and passed them out to all the local kiddies like the skinnyassed Santa you are.

Hehehehehe, I dunno how tasty those would with all the road grime in it. Blech.

(Deleted comment)
I saw so many trucks like that.. I never understood it..

I had passed him a couple of times that day on the interstate and then coincidentally we parked at the same truck stop right beside each other.

It was pretty gawdy. The overkill was just... unbelievable. I wish the photo had come-out better because it doesn't do it justice.

that is one chunky kitty.....and a crazy ass truck.

She had an infection a while back and had a kitty hysterectomy. The vet said she was gonna gain wait as a result.

A few months ago I actually put her on a diet; a low fat kitty food for older cats and she only gets a half-cup of it per day. I think she's slimmed down a little, but she's still pretty chunky as you can see.

She still has a ton of kitty-fat lumped all over her...loose skin and whatnot. Maybe she needs kitty liposuction?

i'll see your christmas kitty and raise you one + 117v

Ahahahah. That's great. My kitty like to bat at the lower Christmas ornaments and I can't put tinsel on the tree because she'll eat it... but I've never seen her go for the lights.

Ohh the one of Arizona makes me miss it. Simply beautiful. And as for the Christmas truck I'd think it'd start on fire.

I love you for doing totally retarded things for me like buying me milkshakes in the middle of the night.

OMG CHRISTMAS TRUCK! Why didn't you let me do that to yours?

Because I'm a Scrooge. And I have taste.

If you're Scrooge...

Does this mean I won't have to buy you any presents? :^P

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