It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

this looks like fun: 25 things.....

25 things I can see from where I am sitting:

1. my desk which has sitting on it: my computer monitor, a cellphone, a pack of marlboro, a Niagara Falls cigeratte lighter, two plastic forks, an alarm clock, a spent NYC subway Metrocard advertising 42nd Street on the back, the CD-ROM case to Rainbow Six, and my WiFi adapter
2. my dashboard which contains: a blue binder, a blue pocket folder, my sunglasses, several manilla envelopes, half a bag of Lay's regular potato chips, an empty McDonald's cap, and a calculator
3. a cornfield underneath a cloudless central Ohio sky (Columbus)
4. a flatbed truck with some really large metal cylinders of some sort, and about 10 other trucks with van trailers and reefer units
5. my tv and dead DVD player
6. my cat sleeping on the bunk
7. my duffel bag, also on the bunk
8. an empty Dr Pepper 12 pack box
9. my navy blue Reebok's
10. Fubu's food dish (burgundy) and litter "dome" (bright purple!)
11. my spiffy new seat covers made of charcoal colored fleece
12. a triple pack of paper towels
13. Ghost Recon wedged between my bunk mattress and the wall, still in the box
14. my EZ-Pass and Pre-Pass transponders attached to the windsheild
15. my collection of $1 casino chips (9 total)
16. Six, $100 bills left over from "the big win" that I'm saving for mine and Robin's trip to NYC
17. a light blue towel at the foot of my bed (don't ask, i won't tell)
18. my flower print down comforter
19. my digicam in the cubbyhole above the diver seat
20. a dirty pair of shorts and my Bratmobile t-shirt
21. an empty Dr Pepper can under the passenger seat
22. my gamepad sitting in the floor beside my computer box and surge protector
23. my refrigerator
24. 4 pennis and a quarter on the floor in front of my bunk
25. an ashtray attached to the door of my closet

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