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Momz Drumz
y mom isn't like most moms.

When I was a kid, one of the jobs she had was as a book-keeper for St. Catherine's College, a private, Catholic school in Washington Co. which offered associate's programs and basic college level education. While employed there, she took some courses. Years later, when I left home to go to the University of Kentucky, she decided that she wanted to finish doing something with her college education and enrolled at UK as well. She pursued a journalism degree while I was getting my English degree. At one point, we actually shared a class together. If memory serves me correctly, she graduated before I did.

One year for Christmas, she decided that she wanted to do something with all of her kids that was unique and a new experience for her. I was in my early 20's at the time, she in her 40's, and she decided that with me, she wanted to go to a local Laser Tag arena in Lexington and play laser-tag with me.

A couple of years ago, my mom decided that at the age of 56, she wanted to learn to play the drums. At first she started learning some basics with a practice pad from a couple of friends and family members who play. Soon, though, she began taking lessons and bought herself a drum kit. I happened to be home the week it arrived and I helped her assemble it in her living room.

Not long after she learned a little about playing, I took a short video of her rock'n out. It's been well over a year, and I'm sure she's gotten a lot better at it by now, but I wanted to share it with you.

My mom's a pretty amazing lady. She has a spirit that I not only envy, but I'm sure I inherited. I have this idea about going skydiving sometime in the near future, and whenever I mention it her eyes light-up a little bit. I'm not sure if/when I decide to do it she'll actually go, but it wouldn't surprise me if she did.

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Wish my mom played laser tag with me. *grumbles*

Trade ya.

No way. I have the best mom ever.

That's supercool.

Yeah, it is. I've got a pretty cool mom.

YAY Mom!

(wish I could run that video. but love these photos)

You'll hafta check it out the next time you get to a library :)

Ok. I play the laser tag with my oldest, play every instrument known to man so I'm going to have to get with it and find some things that I don't know. I AM NOT going to jump out of a plane but I've got to get with it and get to learning.

Lol....I would love my oldest to make his statement to her that he made to me. "You can't learn anything past the age of 40." Yeah, we don't call him the family rocket scientist. ;)

I hope I never lose my sense of adventure. Unfortunately, the limitations of the body begin to become a factor. One thing my mom has expressed some sorrow over is the fact that she still has such a sharp mind and feels like she's 30, but her body doesn't feel quite as young. She just had double knee-replacement surgery earlier this year. It's kinda slowed her down on her drum-playing some, but she won't let it stop her completely.

hahah thats great!

My mom did the same thing, just not with music. At 60, years after doctors said she would not be walking due to osteo-arthritis, she is now a compedetive rock climber after I got her into it about 2 years ago. hhahah

Love how people can amaze you and themselves.

I think I love your mom. :) I also think that's how my mom would be had she not married my dad, which is a sad thought, now that I think about it.

Rock on, Mom!

From a fellow Drummer ~~Napalm B-)>

Soopacool Mom! My Mom is what all my friends say is a MILF. I find that cool. But other than that, I'm unsure if my Mom can top your Soopacool Mom!

your mom's time here slows a bit on the fills, but her funk groove is very nicely in the pocket. i imagine she's holdin' it down now if she kept the lessons up! she can come join my band.

I haven't heard her play in a while. She was side-tracked with knee surgery earlier in the year, but I'm sure she's still tons better than this video shows. She'd only been playing a few months when I shot that.

That is ridiculously awesome. I want your mom to be my mom.

Then you could be my sister! Yay!!!

Your mom is like the first boyfriend-mom who hasn't made me cringe in terror when thinking about future in-laws.

(Then again, your mom doesn't call me once a day screaming at me that I've ruined her son's life...or, when finding out their son has hit me, says, "Well, she had it coming"...I LOVE YOUR MOM!)

You haven't ruined me.... yet. ;-)

Wow. Your mom is pretty awesome. Moms make the world go 'round. I'd be nowhere without mine.

Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

Heh, well tomorrow's post isn't really about my mom, but a little background was necessary and I thought it'd work better as two entries. Plus, I wanted to make THIS entry about my mom's drums for a long time and just never got around to it.

Moms do make the world go 'round.

Yeah she does. Mom is teh ROCK.

That's so great that she has that spirit!
I think it's inspiration - no matter what age you are - you can do whatever

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