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Daily Photos: December 4-10
December 4th - Weed, California Mt. Shasta

December 5th - Olympia, Washington Origin of a Band

December 6th - North Bend, Washington Base Camp

December 7th - I-84, southwestern Idaho Cotton Candy

December 8th - I-80, central Wyoming Distant Winds

December 9th - Colby, Kansas Longview

December 10th - Ft. Smith, Arkansas Best on the Field

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Dude, you were in Weed? You should come up Highway 97 for about an hour. We could have done lunch.

Yeah, I actually thought about you over there in Klamath Falls as I was driving between Ashland and Grants Pass. Unfortunately, I had already wasted a good deal of time down in Nevada over the past couple of days and by then was on a fairly tight timetable.

Incidentally, I'll driving through your previous state of residence this afternoon. :)

How is Kansas? Cold and windy as usual?

It was hella windy when I drove through there on Saturday, but not terribly cold. I'm in Tulsa at the moment, but Kansas will comprise most of my day as I head for South Dakota. If it's anything like northeastern OK is at the moment: windy and mostly cloudy, but it's like in the 40's.

Heey... you were on roads I know for a change... I've been amused by that exit 108 a bunch of times hehe. Nice view of mt.shasta too.

You a fan of Sleater-Kinney, too? :)

I *adore* that userpic.

Mind if I steal it?

I don't know this part of the country. But I =really like the Sleater-Kinney St picture. I'd forgotten that was how they got the name for the band.

And are those PALM TREES in Kansas? Well, ok. They're not exactly palm trees, but they remind me of them!

This isn't the first time I've taken pictures of the exit sign, but it's the first time I've posted one. The very first time I went to Olympia a couple of years ago I was waiting to see the sign, because I remembered the story behind their name. :)

Oh shoot, I only commented on half of yours... they're huge fake palm trees at a truckstop called The Oasis in western Kansas. If you look closely, there are wires not only holding them upright, but wires keeping their "palms" spread, heh.

That road! Super cool!

whiskey drinks and chocolate bars

Do you also dig teh Sleater-Kinney?

nostalgia, well you're using it like a whore

Not as much as I like whiskey drinks and chocolate bars. But yes! Actually, I think it's because of your post in TuneLoons. Someone on there should do a Christmas Mix. Maybe a call for songs? *cough poke poke*

Are you a fan of Hedwig and the Angry Inch? There's a cover album with some great peeps. Frank Black covered 'Sugar Daddy' which make me giggle bunches and S-K did 'Angry Inch.' I can e-mail you the song if you like!

That Sleater-Kinney freeway sign? You were five minutes from my house. ;)

I'll have to remember that!

Definitely! Let me know the next time you're passing through.

Carrie Brownstein of the now defunct :( Sleater-Kinney "auditioned" me for a film she was making in college. They were such a great band. And I used to live three doors down from Kathleen Hannah, formerly of Bikini Kill and now with Le Tigre. Olympia is a hotbed of good indie music. :)

Oh, you don't have to tell me about the Olympia scene. I've been a fan of tons of Kill Rock Stars and K Records bands. I got to see Sleater-Kinney a few years back. Bratmobile, too when they reunited. Another little band from Olympia I really liked a lot was Some Velvet Sidewalk.

Nice pictures, soopa. But I am bias, my favorite is Mt. Shasta being I wanna move somewhere near that "beast". It is sure beautiful.

Yeah, Redding's like less than an hour south from Shasta. That stretch of I-5 into the Siskiyou Mountains is really pretty drive'n.

That December 4 picture is just stunning.

Mt. Shasta is one of my favorite photographic subjects. It's hard to go wrong when there's such an amazing thing in front of your lens. I took at lot of pictures of it that day, but for some reason I like this one the best with all of the stuff in the foreground. It gave it perspective that the other photos lacked. :)

That it does. It's too bad I won't be heading into the Canadian Rockies for Spring Break, as I'd like to try and get some good shots of them. Still, the North Shore of Lake Superior's pretty photogenic...

Man oh man, the pictures you've been putting up the last few days make me want to chuck the job and learn to drive the big rigs. That is some pretty scenery.

BTW, your new fan twistedtee is my missus. She got hooked on your pictures after I kept raving about what a photographer you are so she friended you and Welf.

First, thanks for the kind words. Photos from a western can be very striking. The landscape changes so drastically on a daily basis. I assure you that the same cannot be said when you're east of the Mississippi for an extended period of time.

I always add everyone back, so I didn't hold that against her. ;-)

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