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s the year draws to a close, it's natural to reflect on one's achievements and failures through the year, while looking toward self-improvement for the coming year and do some sort of LJ meme. Luckily for you, this isn't one of those entries. I know, it was a close one.

No, the point of this entry is to revisit the previous year in a manner that will hopefully provide you some lulz. On occasion, I've been known to make off-the-cuff (and usually pretty bad) Photoshop/MS Paint jokes for a comment in other people's journals. Over the course of the past year, I've been hosting these in LJ Scrapbook and tagging them so that I can keep track of them. Since they occurred in other people's journals by-and-large, I thought it'd be fun to post them all in my journal. Most of these appeared in the comments of welfy's journal, but there are a few from others.

As an introduction for the one's I have done in Welf's journal, I should point-out that there's a running joke within the jokes. There's a photo of Welf trying on a dress in a thrift shop which has come to be dubbed "The Church Lady". I find the photo so funny that almost anytime I do a photo-joke at Welf's expense, I use this photo. As a point of reference, here's the original, untouched picture.

Welf Gets Medeival On Your Ass

Welf Is For a Kid's Big Thirst

Welf Has Too Much Time On Her Hands (I didn't say some of them weren't lame)

Amish Welf

Amish Welf Goes To Town

Amish Welf Parties Like It's 1699

WTF Welf

Welf Snorts a Taco

Speed Welf

Welf Pimp'n With Napoleon

Napoleon in Welf's Car

I don't remember exactly why I made this. The gist of the sentiment is that Welf's journal has gone to hell.

A Public Service Announcement

The Outsiders series which follows was a combination of me and Welf. The story goes like this: she wrote an entry about her brother with some old childhood photos and wishing him a happy birthday. She ended the entry with something to the effect of, stay gold, like Ponyboy. Naturally, I commented with... which she responded with.... which I responded with... which Welf responded with, "Greaser? You hardly even know her!" And I responded with one final Outsiders joke.

Not all of them were for Welf's journal, though. Here's a simple one I did for lossfound. It's a long story involving the Ikea website's virtual assistant.

I don't remember where I posted this one or why. I think it had something to do with someone saying redheads are hawt.

The following picture is of ladydreamfire from the SHOW US YOUR GAMS summer. Someone pointed out that the thing she's standing beside looked like a land speeder.

My pal obscurek owns an Asian food store that also dabbles in other Asian items. He was musing about Qipao dresses in an entry.

I also suggested the following sign should be posted in the window of obscurek's shop, where he was also offering knitting lessons.

This next one might be offensive to some. To be fair, I can't take credit for the original humor involved, it was found somewhere on the internets. My pal tpbrcombo was lamenting on how awful the photo for his intranet profile at work looked. The words he used to describe it was that he looked retarded, so I photoshopped him into the existing humor and added his Super Tard name.

This one also came from tpbrcombo's journal. He had acquired a fake mustache kit and was trying on a different mustache each day and taking a photo. Each mustache style had a name. One of them was "The Hero" and he took a rather man-of-action pose for the photo. The following photoshop resulted.

I'm sure they're not all as funny (if they ever were that funny) devoid of their original context, but hopefully that wasn't too painful to endure.
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