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how many roads must a man walk down?

ne of the fringe benefits of trucking is the occasional swag. Yesterday morning, I was delivering a load of tissue paper. When they were done, they fetched me to come get my signed bills so I could leave. While walking back to the truck I was looking over the paperwork and I noticed that they had written "1 case damaged - Refused" on the last page. I pulled the truck forward, away from the dock,so I could close the doors. Sure enough there was one case sitting on the trailer. It wasn't really "damaged" though, it was a packaging error. The case was unbroken and unopened, but was obviously missing one or two boxes of Kleenex on the inside.

I called cargo claims to report the "damage" and resulting refusal of cargo. They told me to dispose of it. Authorization of cargo field destruction essentially means FREE SHIT. I guess welfy won't need to buy any Kleenex for a while.

've been on the road just a day over two weeks, since leaving home after Thanksgiving weekend. What's been interesting about the trip is that it's been so spread out. It's not uncommon to spend a lot of time in a particular region over a two week period, but so far, I've been all over the place. I thought it'd be fun to map-out my trip-to-date, including some of the way points I've mentioned in my daily logs.

Whew. Nine more days 'til I'm home. I think I'll make another map with the final, full trip when I'm done.
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