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how many roads must a man walk down?
ne of the fringe benefits of trucking is the occasional swag. Yesterday morning, I was delivering a load of tissue paper. When they were done, they fetched me to come get my signed bills so I could leave. While walking back to the truck I was looking over the paperwork and I noticed that they had written "1 case damaged - Refused" on the last page. I pulled the truck forward, away from the dock,so I could close the doors. Sure enough there was one case sitting on the trailer. It wasn't really "damaged" though, it was a packaging error. The case was unbroken and unopened, but was obviously missing one or two boxes of Kleenex on the inside.

I called cargo claims to report the "damage" and resulting refusal of cargo. They told me to dispose of it. Authorization of cargo field destruction essentially means FREE SHIT. I guess welfy won't need to buy any Kleenex for a while.

've been on the road just a day over two weeks, since leaving home after Thanksgiving weekend. What's been interesting about the trip is that it's been so spread out. It's not uncommon to spend a lot of time in a particular region over a two week period, but so far, I've been all over the place. I thought it'd be fun to map-out my trip-to-date, including some of the way points I've mentioned in my daily logs.

Whew. Nine more days 'til I'm home. I think I'll make another map with the final, full trip when I'm done.

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Free shit as in this will be used in place of toilet paper?

Wow, that's like a lifetime supply of Kleenex!

Man, I envy how much you get to constantly see.

Yeah that is a lotta Kleenex. This trip has been really fun, especially yesterday when I got to putter around the back roads of the Black Hills of South Dakota. I saw prairie dogs!

That map reminds me of our Seattle load with JB- it started in Laredo.
BTW the photos are loading beautifully and even fast for me on my little screen. Thx for them.

It's funny how you see more of the country in any given week than I've seen in my lifetime.

Before I began trucking, I hadn't seen much of the country either. I've seen a lot of it so far, but these past two weeks in particular, I got to go lots of new places I'd never been and a lot of places I love going to.

What are the extent of your travels?

dude. we need kleenax. srsly. this time of year we go through a half box a week.

we will help you "dispose" of them!!! LOL

so is that a fringe benefit of being your nieghbors?

You can just call me the Kleenex Santa! You're welcome to all you can use. An entire case should go a long way.

(Deleted comment)
A while back, I got to talking with a driver in a truckstop and he gave me a copy of PC Miler (ver. 15.0, I think they're up to ver. 20.0 now). I didn't even bother installing it for a long time, then one day I started messing around with it. Now I use it all the time as part of my route planning. I probably don't even know how to use half of what it's capable of, but the one thing I do like is what I did with that map; plotting multiple points in a trip and it generating the route for you.

I just plugged all the info I wanted and it generated the map, then I did a screen capture. :)

If I think to do it, sometime when I'm home, I'll zip it up and put it online for you to download.

Next time I'm in Seattle, I'll hold you to that! :)

(Deleted comment)
That map's really cool, you should definitely post more when the urge strikes

I think I may. I used to try to do with Google maps, but that's hard for longer trips with multiple stops and changes in direction. Now that I'm getting more proficient with PC Miler, I may do it from time to time just to show my progress over the course of my time on the road.

It's not every day that The Universe gives you permission to treble your masturbation frequency.

I am truly blessed. It's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

GAH, you signed off 5 minutes after I got online!

Boo hoo! I had to go get my truck out of the shop. Now I gotta drive back over to the terminal and take care of some bidness over there, hence why I'm not logging back into IM.

But after I get things settled over there, I'm done for the day so I'll online all evening. :)

Say, if you ever get a "damaged" or "packaging error" shipment of chocolate, I do hope you'll think of me. Happy wife, happy life, as the saying goes.

I've never hauled chocolate. Sadly they're probably shipped in temperature controlled vehicles, of which I pull very few. Now what would've been cool, would've been in one of the bags in the 10,000 lbs of Fruit Loops had been damaged and refused.

Someday I shall see if I can get my lass to post about the 40,000 pounds of damaged tampons!

No, not useable.

Please tell us about the map generating software-- I am hoping for online and free!

Funny, the things one misses. Thailand is about the size of California plus some. Too small for my American road legs.

40 thousand pounds? That's like, a whole load? How did that happen?

As for the map, it's not free or online. I made it with a program called Pc Miler.

Man. The missus says it looks like your Christmas shopping is done.

And here I thought I was hot shit because I won the candy-and-maple syrup goodie basket at the office Christmas party today. But 30 boxes of Kleenex just beats me all hollow.

Now, what's the chance of you getting to drive a car hauler carrying oh, I dunno, an Escalade with some dingy chrome on the grille?

Hehehe, yeah, everyone gets Kleenex this year!

Amazing. Just shows how much you'll blow in the coming year.

And I can't believe no one else said it first.

Unless they did.

I LOOOOOOVE having kleenex around the house for my perpetually stuffy nose. Is this the Christmas present I didn't know I wanted until now?

Oh, snap. I just left a Christmas-present-related comment, too.

I guess I know what I'm getting for Christmas.

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