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I tried to follow but my battery was flat
don't ordinarily link a lot of internet things, but this one is too much fun not to mention. Much thanks to queen_phoenix for posting it in her journal. I have no idea if Boys on Wheels are genuine, but if it's some sort of hoax then it's a damn good one. I hope it's not a hoax, because this is pretty frick'n funny.

"Making Love In the Handicapped Toilet"

Gay*, Handicapped, Love Song.

This is great on so many levels. There are going to be some well-meaning people who find this offensive, but let's forgot about them for the moment. For one this, this is genuinely funny. From the hair-blowing wind machine to the mimed choreography of the group. The lyrics are hysterical, more so because they're able to actually get through this with a straight face. It's the mock-earnest delivery of the hilarious lyrics which makes it that much more funny. Man, this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. As a curiosity, pay attention to the audience response. It's fascinating. At first they're not sure what to think, like, they're not sure if they should laugh at this. As the song progresses, they begin to understand that it IS meant to be funny and laughs begin to flow, first with hesitation then they just let it go. By the end, they're clapping along with the rhythm. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a few lighters in the air.

As for those who would take offense to this for the predictable reasons, I will counter with this: why should self-deprecating humor and self-exploitation be only the domain of the able-bodied, quick-witted, and rich? It's the smug righteousness of those who would decry the humor in this that further marginalizes the worth of people with handicaps and disabilities. They're grown men who have chosen to poke-fun at their lot in life, very obviously and very intentionally. It's no different than a black comedian remarking humorously on the nature of race relations in America. Or a heavy comedian about weight. Or a Jewish comedian about religion. Boys on Wheels don't want you to laugh at them, but to laugh with them, and I think this video achieves that brilliantly.

*I don't know that this is actually a gay love song, it's a broad assumption based on a single line. The rolling hunk from Sweden may just enjoy hot anal action from his female baristas.
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I'm not offended, but I just didn't find it that funny. Okay, I did laugh at the chopsticks line, but other than that, I only found it mildly amusing.

That whole second verse cracked me up, maybe because it's not something I would think about in MY daily life. The thought of meeting someone but you can't catch up to them because your wheelchair runs out of power.

That, and "rolling hunk from Sweden". HAHAHAHA.

But even more than that, I love the references visually. The wind and smoke machine. The boy-group style over-the-top choreography (personally I like the mimed blood coming out of their eyes during the chopsticks line) and the lead singer mocking the posturing seen in videos of overly sentimental love songs (Journey, Michael Bolton, etc). I just thought it was funny all the way around. :)

See, that's probably the problem... I'm not really into music so I really don't get the references to Journey or whatever.

There's definitely a pop music parody-side to the whole thing. When they spin their wheelchairs and snap their fingers, it's 50 years of sappy, boy-band, love song history; from the Temptations to N'Sync. Obviously humor is a subjective thing, this probably appeals to me specifically because it is musical.

I busted out when he sang out running out of power and then the rolling hunk from Sweden. When I showed Randy boy, did I get a look. WTF and WHY?

The visual references were a toss up as to what was better them or the words but I loved the wind machine and the choreography of the wheel movements. I guess I'm sick like that. ;)

I didn't voice it out eloquently like you did but that is why I found it so humorous. Then you've got the others that are "I don't find that funny at all". It amused the hell out of me and I guess that's what matters. ;)

Lol...could be cryslea didn't find it amusing as it came from moi. Oh well. :^O

What I found amusing was people were scared to comment but then posted it in their own journals. I don't mean you because you splained it all but people that just posted it without any comment.

I actually said that I found it "mildly amusing." I didn't find it over the top hilarious or anything, but it was passable. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. Like I said to soopa, it's probably because I don't get the references to Journey and such.

What I don't understand is why the fact it came from you would make it less funny? What difference does that make?

Eh, I guess just commenting on your cold and hot with me. I've gotten a kick out of it over the years.

Lol....I was really craving some LJ tag the other night. :O

It wasn't anything bad honest. :)

Happy Holidays to you guys and hope all is going well!!!! (BTW....did you know I was Santa Claus? Yeah, my kids STILL DON'T either!)

Okay. Your comment made it sound like I hate you or something, and I was all, wuh?

Nah kiddo. We've had a weird relationship over the (years now?) and it cracks me up. Ya gotta excuse me...I've been in some weird ass mood last few days...weeks..something or the other. ;)

I think that, aside from it's obvious lulz value, that the inherent shock value of it is why I immediately fell in love with it, too. Anytime I see something that exposes the folly of political correctness, I'm so there. It's easy for me to climb up on that ol' soapbox about that any day of the week.

Oh, you'll find the un PC in my journal all the time but I wouldn't be able to defend it as well verbally as you can. It's that ED U KA SHUN thing going on. ;)

Riiight. I have a BA in English. The BA stands for Bullshit Artist.

I've got a talking Bullshit to kids. Hence the immaturity factor. I need to hang out with some adults some. :)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I think that's why my original feeling was that it was a gay love song, I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be THAT much more in the face of whitebread mainstream. After writing this entry, it occured to me that, other than the line about the tight-ass, there's really isn't any case for that assumption and added the disclaimer.

The Sweden part amused me being I've been there and it just seems something dorky that they'd do in Sweden. Like when they take down the tree, they quack like ducks around it flappin' the hands behind the butt like a "tail".

My Step Mom is from Sweden.

A Minnesotan? Scandinavian? Get outta here!

Haha, I know, boring huh? It is. I'm Swedish and Finnish. How blah?

I wish I had some Danish in me.

i just took for granted that these guys are 4real. if they weren't, it's not very funny. as is, i concur with some above, it's really only mildly funny.

now BORAT, that is a whole other story using similar principles of "am i really supposed to laugh at this?!" type things.

the lead singer looks like David Carradine.

Like David Carradine and Michael Bolton had a love child.

Sadly I won't probably see Borat until it comes out on DVD. I just don't get to the theatre very often.

it was very well worth it to see it in the theater to experience the collective reactions of yr fellow man/woman. still, the audiences now are probably not so vast in number, unless you get to see it at the dollar theater. and the dvd should have a lot of sweet bonus footage as well.

I'm not into political correctness or those who are. I laughed my ass off. These guys are actors and they did a great gag. Call me Larry the Cable Guy All Over. Funny is funny, even if it weren't a put-on.

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