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don't ordinarily link a lot of internet things, but this one is too much fun not to mention. Much thanks to queen_phoenix for posting it in her journal. I have no idea if Boys on Wheels are genuine, but if it's some sort of hoax then it's a damn good one. I hope it's not a hoax, because this is pretty frick'n funny.

"Making Love In the Handicapped Toilet"

Gay*, Handicapped, Love Song.

This is great on so many levels. There are going to be some well-meaning people who find this offensive, but let's forgot about them for the moment. For one this, this is genuinely funny. From the hair-blowing wind machine to the mimed choreography of the group. The lyrics are hysterical, more so because they're able to actually get through this with a straight face. It's the mock-earnest delivery of the hilarious lyrics which makes it that much more funny. Man, this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. As a curiosity, pay attention to the audience response. It's fascinating. At first they're not sure what to think, like, they're not sure if they should laugh at this. As the song progresses, they begin to understand that it IS meant to be funny and laughs begin to flow, first with hesitation then they just let it go. By the end, they're clapping along with the rhythm. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a few lighters in the air.

As for those who would take offense to this for the predictable reasons, I will counter with this: why should self-deprecating humor and self-exploitation be only the domain of the able-bodied, quick-witted, and rich? It's the smug righteousness of those who would decry the humor in this that further marginalizes the worth of people with handicaps and disabilities. They're grown men who have chosen to poke-fun at their lot in life, very obviously and very intentionally. It's no different than a black comedian remarking humorously on the nature of race relations in America. Or a heavy comedian about weight. Or a Jewish comedian about religion. Boys on Wheels don't want you to laugh at them, but to laugh with them, and I think this video achieves that brilliantly.

*I don't know that this is actually a gay love song, it's a broad assumption based on a single line. The rolling hunk from Sweden may just enjoy hot anal action from his female baristas.
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