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and now a real entry

Location: Columbus, OH

I got to my first stop in New Jersey an hour late because I overslept! Ugggh, I hate it when I do that. So I got to New England Motor Friehgt in Elizabeth, which is right on the coast, with the Manhattan skyline on the horizon. I ditched the fifteen cabinets I had to onload there and then cut through the dwindling rush hour traffic to my usual stop in Totowa, near Paterson. Everytime I got there I can't help think of William Carlos Williams' poem of the same name, especially when I see the Passaic River as ti runs along the highway coming out of Newark.

I was rather bushed and it was dreary and raining, perfect nap weather. I didn't hafta pick up my next load until midnight at Barnes and Noble down in Jamesburg, NJ, so rather than going into the city and dealing with the rain I decided to sleep for a few hours. Later in the evening I trucked on down the turnpike to Jamesburg in what seemed to be a moonsoon. The turnpike and the Newark area is actually rather enjoyable late at night in the sparse traffic. All the lights from the skylines of Newark and NYC along with the various seaports, refineries, and strip malls were making the light mist that came with rain glow amber all around. In the distance I could see the frame of the Verrazano Bridge trimmed in red, white and blue lights.

I got to Jamesburg early and goofed around with Minesweeper for a while since my load wouldn't be ready until midnight. No matter how many times I play that simple game that comes with Windows, I seldom get tired of it. Frustrated yes, but tired of it, no. All told I played Minsweeper until 2am then decided I should probably get on the road. I hooked up and headed on down the turnpike to the Penna Turnpike, skirted Philly and got almost to Harrisburg when I decided I might should call it a night. Around 5am I pulled into a service plaza and slept until about 10 this morning, got up and trucked the rest of the way to Columbus where I'm waiting to unload. I can't deliver until 7pm, so I've got about 15-20 minutes more to kill. I don't load again until 4pm tomorrow, so I'll probably come back here to the truckstop and waste good quality time on the internet all day tomorrow.

If any of y'all wanna get to know the 'gek in real time tomorrow, I'll more than likely be on MSN messenger all day long, so chat me up. I don't use any other messengers, cos, well, they all blow.
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