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Daily Photos: December 11-17
December 11 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

December 12 - Alda, Nebraska

December 13 - Custer, South Dakota

December 14 - Omaha, Nebraska

December 15 - Omaha, Nebraska

December 16 - Belvidere, Illinois

December 17 - Minneapolis, MN

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(Deleted comment)
I like that picture of you. Not only do you look intent on setting-up your shot but you look like you're having fun. Plus it had Dixon in the photograph, so I thought it was a good representation of that day.

I wanna see how those photos turned out. :)

Lovely. My favorite this week go to South Dakota because I like the Industrial look/feed type plant feel. And second would be Minnesota being I like taking pictures of other people taking pictures.

Oh to live the life of a trucker. The sunsets (wait... these are morning pictures right? Make that sunrise) over Omaha, a never ending supply of delightfully unhealthy foods and a fabulous woman in every port... err... city. Oh why did I let my learner's permit expire (aside from the part where I hate even driving the cargo van because it's too big)?


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