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first love
imberly Armstrong Coulter. I always thought she was the cutest girl in school. In 3rd grade, she and I stood before everyone in the library as finalists, nervous but competitive, for the class spelling bee. She beat me. In 7th grade, we were "going together". The extent of this was holding hands and maybe a slow dance. It would be another year before I had my first real kiss with Melissa Burkhead in the school locker room. Kim and I had a sickeningly cute game where she could twirl her finger in the direction of my eyes and I would feign being hypnotized, completely under her spell and at her command. It was an appropriate metaphor in hindsight, as she was simultaneously mesmerizing and continuously trumped me in academic competition. In high school, we ran in different social circles, but were in many of the same classes. In one, we stood together, alone again in front of a class room, as finalists for a speech contest. She beat me. A decade went by and I saw her for the first time since graduation, at our high school reunion. She crossed the room with a couple of her old girlfriends to say hi. She was all smiles and pretty as ever. She twirled her finger in my face and said, "Remember that?" I laughed and enjoyed the old joke with old friends, but inside I was incredibly flattered that she even remembered.

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I've always liked this story. So what's she been up to lately, or don't you know?

No idea. It's been another ten years since that reunion. I don't keep in touch with anyone from high school, so I don't even have any through-the-grapevine source, either.

Writing her full name in a public post in the secret hopes that she'll Google her name and find this entry? :^P

That would be cool wouldn't it? Of course, one of the downsides of using the scripted letter at the beginning is that it'll be indexed as "imberly". Actually, I wrote the full name because it's always amused me that even now I remember her full maiden name.

You know I was thinking. With that scanner in the house, I could have some fun with old pictures, too. :)

hmmm... I've seen a couple of those pictures. LOL... yeah you could... you had HAIR! LOLz

I even had LONG hair at one point. Ahhh, those ahlcyon days of the early 90's.

Actually, I was thinking further back. I was thinking how much more fun this entry could've been if I had had some old pictures of Kim from 3rd grade, or 7th grade, or highschool. I'm not the most sentimental of people when it comes to things, but I've almost always held onto photos. I have all my class photos, group and individual, from 1st Grade on.

I'll be home late tonight early tomorrow, maybe I'll do just that and post an addendum. :)

yeah, that would be cool.

just don't let hte truck idel for longer than 15-30 mintues in the driveway PLEASE!

I can't sleep when it is... I don't know why, but it drives me nuts b/c normally I like those kinda sounds. and it's as if the rumble is right next to my bed.

When it's that early, I try to leave it running as little as possible, but it does take about 30 minutes for those big suckers to warm up properly. I got up at 4am yesterday, had to leave at 5:30. I started her up at a couple of minutes past 5 and was gone by 5:40. So, yeah, about 30 minutes. It probably just seemed a lot longer. Sorry. :(

On typical home times, though, I don't leave until well after you guys have gone to work. The past two times have been atypical unfortunately.

And didn't you know the tissues were for stuffing in your ears?!?! ;-)


You're funny!

It doesn't help me (even though T sleeps with earplugs most nights)... they just make my ears stuffy. I'm just a light sleeper, it sucks.

And lately I've been even more of a light sleeper, probably b/c Bethany's been sickly.

speaking of noise...

Did you guys happen to be listening to music with a loud bass last night around midnight or so when I was trying to sleep? :^P

Re: speaking of noise...

we watched polar express... the train scene was awesome.

Aww I like little moments like that when people remember things that you think they'd soon forget.

And I'm diggin' her last name.

I guess I just realize that people remember different things for different reasons. Kim was a girl that, for at least through grammar school, I placed on a bit of a pedestal. She was pretty, smart, funny, and charming in my eyes... in as much as kids are capable of and appreciating such qualities in each other. My self-perception at that age was that of a book-worm, smarty-pants with hand-me down clothes and a perpetual cowlick. The fact that she was ever my girlfriend is an occurence which I find no-less dumbfounding today than I did then. Of COURSE I remember it, because in a lot of ways, I always thought she was out of my league. For her to remember it though, for me and my own self-perception, was rather uplifting.

How sickenly cute is this story.

Mine was footsies in the third grade under our table with Alex Vlacos.

Yes, I was a bit of a goofy romantic even at the tender age of 12. ;-)

I was like, hey, coulter, I know some coulters.. then I remember what county you are from and DUH. same one. I've worked with a grower from there.

Hehehe, yeah, LOTS of Coulters in Washington County, especially the Willisburg area where I went to elementary /middle school. This was a school so small that there was one teacher/one class for every grade. Of the ~30 kids in my class, there were THREE Coulters and they were all cousins.

It's interesting going to a school that small. I was in the same class with the same 25-30 kids, every year, from 2nd to 8th grade (my family moved to Washington Co, when I was in 2nd grade, otherwise it would've been K-8). With the exception of a few good friends I made additionally in high school, it's that same old Willisburg bunch that I think of when I think of my school days.

What prompted this entire entry was actually a very vivid dream I had last night that began with seeing Kim and following her into a reception hall where she was getting ready to be, or had just gotten, married, and some of that Willisburg bunch was there. It got really weird with odd symbols, but it was strange for, I dunno, 6 random people to show-up from my childhood like that. Kim I can understand given this multi-decade story I like to tell and the somewhat coveted position she has in my memories as being a first love, but the others and the strange series of events which unfolded are what I was dwelling on. I started to write about my dream and decided the Kim backstory needed to be told.

After writing it, I realized it was a fun little story that I'd never told for LiveJournal and that tacking on the dream would kinda sully it. I might still write about the dream, or I may not. As far as LiveJournal goes, I find myself scrolling through people's "dream" posts with some frequently. I think it's the sort of thing that's more fascinating for the person who dreamt it to capture and preserve more than anyone else, unless of course they're in it. ;-)

so you actually like reading those on mine. maybe it's our house... b/c you stayed there the other night

b/c if you've read any of my posts in the last month... there's lots of the highschool, childhood stuff coming up...

and my school was the same thing... same group 1-5 for me.. would have been K, too, but I went to "town" for K. Then 6-12 pretty much the same bunch "smart" class as they called us.

I'll have to see if I've written about me being "that little red headed girl" in the pictures.

that made me all warm and fuzzy =)

It is a warm'n fuzzy story. It's a fun one to have and tell, too. :)

Ha, that's a great memory, thanks!

I'm weird about memories. I'm such a "here and now" person that I don't cling to my memories of things very much and they fade quickly as time goes by. I've never had much use for excessive nostalgia, which is one of the major ways in which mine and Welf's perosnalities clash. She is majorly sentimental and nostalgic, like whoa. The few I do cling to though, usually make for good stories. :)

It's actually one of the reasons I've begun to look upon my writing in LiveJournal and my growing photo collection as my "life's work" of sorts. If from some reason LJ were to pass away, I think I would continue to blog SOMEWHERE, even if it were simply on my own domain. These words and images are the memories that I'm not good about making and keeping. It's basically an unabridged memoir, captured in real time. It's something that my kids and grandkids can use someday to have a peek inside my life.

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