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Christmas 2006 recap

haven't been writing daily logs or taking daily photos. I've just been enjoying the company of family and friends all week. I'd like to do a recap, however, for my own record. I've cut it because, honestly, most of you probably won't care. Think of it as, several daily logs condensed into one big, fat entry. The last log I wrote was Friday, so we'll pick-up from there.

Saturday, December 23
I got up early and drove to Lexington to visit with my kids for a few hours. I was done there by 11:00, after which I immediately drove back to Frankfort where I picked-up welfy and headed for my parent's farm in Washington County. After dinner we opened gifts, both the serious and not-so-serious in the a "white elephant" style. I came away with a new pair of cargo pants on the serious side, and an aluminum cigarette case on the not-so-serious. Later, my mom and I played Spades against my sister and her husband. We got our butts kicked all three games. Welf and I stayed pretty late, watching National Lampoon's Vacation before going back home to Frankfort.

Sunday, Christmas Eve
Welf and I got up and drove to Pennsylvania as planned. There was a hitch in the plans though; her mom had been hospitalized on Friday for pneumonia. We went to the hospital immediately upon arriving and visited her for a little while, then we went to her old church for a candle light service. We went to downtown New Castle after church to the only restaurant open in town; China Buffet. We came back to the house and she and I exchanged our gifts to each other. I got the Max Payne/Mafia double titled I've had on my Amazon wish list for a while, as well as another Bloom County book to add to my collection. As a fan of shooters, Max Payne is one of my all-time favorites. I'd played an ill-gotten copy for many years. Having a proper copy of it is nice. I've been playing it off and on ever since. I was excited that she got to open her presents from me. After many months of lamenting the lack of an mp3 player, she now has a Creative Zen Vision:M. After playing with it, I WANT ONE. Not that I need anything nearly that nice and the little cheap mp3 player I bought for myself a couple of weeks ago is more than sufficient. But it's just such a nifty little gadget. I also was finally able to give her the Sweet Pickles I had won in an eBay auction that she had lost a while back. I never told her that I was the winner of it and my eBay account name didn't give me away.

Monday, Christmas Day
With the original plans shot due to her mom's unfortunate hospitalization, the family plans had been moved to Tuesday. Welf and I lounged around the house most of the day, then we gathered up the gifts that her mom had gotten for both of us and took them to hospital so she could watch us open them. I got Kids In the Hall season one and she inadvertently let it slip that season two would be coming in the mail. Woohoo. Later, Welf's brother Ben and his fiance smiles_sweetly joined us back at the house for dinner. Prior to going to the hospital, I had put a turkey breast in the oven. Upon getting back to the house I also whipped up some home made mashed potatoes and corn muffins to round out the meal. After dinner, we went over to Welf's grandmother's house to visit with her dad's side of the family.

Tuesday, December 26
I had agreed to get up early and follow Welf's uncle Roger to their home in Andover, OH so he could leave their SUV there and drive him back. Welf decided to come along for the ride. Roger had to make a stop at the bank once in Andover and Welf got excited to see a Pizza Joe's shop nearby. So, at 10:30, she was munching on an anchovy pizza. *shudder* By the time we got back to the Welf homestead her various aunts and uncles were beginning to arrive. Her friend Brett stopped by to say hi and we made plans to have wings with him the next day at Tony's Lounge. He left and the family Christmas got underway. At least now, I know where my love's brain damage comes from: it's hereditary. They have a tradition of gag gift giving that involves elaborate stories filled with personal jabs and zings. It was very entertaining to say the least. Later that night, Ben ditched his fiance for a poker game, so we took Jolene with us to get sushi in Boardman. After returning to the house, we settled in and watched one of my Netflix movies, Reality Bites. I stayed up waaaay too late playing Max Payne.

Wednesday, December 27
I slept in late after my late night of gaming then joined Welf for lunch at Tony's Lounge with Brett. After lunch, we came back to the house and cuddled on the couch. I slept until like, 18:00. Heh. Once Welf was able to raise me from my nap, we drove into New Castle to a restaurant called Edward's and feasted on Wedding Soup and lamb: a must if you're ever in the region. Both items are on the menu at like, all the restaurants. Later at the house, Welf's friend Evan came over with booze for a visit. I was getting a bit of a headache and stuck with coffee, but they along with Ben and Jolene seemed to have a good time chatting and imbibing. I casually played some of my game while enjoying the company and antics. Welf got a bit tipsy by the end of the night. Jolene has some video footage that hopefully will not remain unpublished. ;-)

Thursday, December 28
Due to all the napping, I stayed up even later. I didn't go to bed until after 06:00 then slept-in 'til about noon. Welf's mom got the okay to leave the hospital so we went over there to fetch her and bring her home. Outside of a small errand-run to Wal-mart, Welf and I have just been goofing off on our laptops. I'm going to try and get back in the habit of the daily logs starting tomorrow now that all of the running about and family obligations are beginning to subside. It's been fun. I'm not sure when we're heading home just yet, I've been kinda waiting for Welf's mom to get home because I know if we left before then she's just worry about her until she did. We might head back tomorrow or Saturday. She doesn't have to be back at work until the 2nd of January. I plan to go back on the road then as well, maybe the 3rd, I haven't made up my mind.
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