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finished map
ith all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season I forgot to post my final map of the long trip. It's not very impressive looking, since I spent so much time sitting and it involved a lot of double-backs. But in the interest of being a completist:

The blue route represents all of the travel since the posting of the first map.

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Oh wow. I grew up in Lakeville. Creepy? Slightly. And you have three places on the map where I want to live!

You delivered to Fort Smith, AR? Where at?

I delivered to a Wal-Mart warehouse. Yeah, I know. In Arkansas?!?! Go figure.

You have a connection to Ft. Smith?

I graduated high school there and my folks still live there. I lived there about 7 years from 93 till 2000. I know the town like the back of my hand, though it's been near 7 years since I've lived there so some has faded over time.

I think it looks pretty darn impressive! I've been on a lot of US road trips...

Did you stay in Limon (Colorado)? A friend of mine used to work in the Super 8 there, I think. Lots of truckers and other road warriors all the time.

Limon's a big time trucker town with two major truckstops there. It's for this reason that I frequently fuel or spend the night there. I can almost always count on a stop in Limon when I'm on I-70 through there.

I haven't been to Limon in ages, but just talking about Colorado makes me miss home. I'm liking your journal quite a lot! Mind if I add you as a friend?

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