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My grandmother is visiting from Virginia for the next couple of weeks. It's been nice visiting with her. I haven't seen her since my grandfather died a couple of years ago and I went to Virginia for the funeral. I grew up about 600 miles from most of my extended family. I often wonder a lot what it's like to be extremely close to grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. I mean I know them and on some levels I suppose I care for them and love them, but I don't have the sort of bond with them that I know someone people have with their extended families. It's totally foreign to me. It's fun to visit with them and good to see them, but for the most part, that's the most I feel.

I got in early on Thursday afternoon. Yeah, Thursday. Robin had the day off from work, so I decided to spend the rest of the evening with her. We got some dinner and rented movies. I made her watch Gosford Park because I wanted to see it again, with the subtitles on. Unfortunately, she souldn't put faces to names/voices because her eyes kept getting drawn to the subs, so we had to switch them back off. I did "catch" a lot more watching it the second time. The subtlety and detail of the film is delicate. The dual action occuring in front of and behind various windows and through doorways is complex and a joy to watch after you already "know" how things will turn out. I still want to watch it again with the subtitles: so much is whispered, the accents, the poor acoustics of the set - all make for deciphering the dialogue a chore. We also watched Die Hard, Part 327, wait, I mean Phonebooth.

I also dug in for a night of IFC watching Friday night out at the 'rents. I caught the end of Requiem for a Dream which I have seen before. Such a depressing flick but a wonderful piece of cinema. That was followed by Brown's Requiem, a really bad indie noir/pulp movie. The only reason I made it through the whole thing was cause I was hoping for a little flesh action from a very Lolita-ish Selma Blair. Didn't happen. At least they showed some really bitchin' trailers for Kill Bill. Man, I'm tellin' ya... that movie may end up sucking all to hell, but it sure looks damn good. Finally was the bio-pic Before Night Falls about Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas. Wonderfully done and worth it alone for Johnny Depp's cameo as "Bon Bon" the transvestite who was known for being able to store "a large quantity of items in his rectum." Is there nothing the man can't do? But if seeing men kiss and be affectionate with one another make you squeamish, this film about being gay in Castro's Cuba may not be your thang. I hope not, because you'd be missing a pretty special movie.

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