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i'll scratch your formica
think it's time I declare the Daily Log format a failure. I suspected from the start that I'd grow bored with it in time; that writing the same-shit different-place would bore me eventually. For those of you who enjoyed them, my apologies. For those of you who endured them but were too kind to opt-out of the filter, you're a better person than me. While I'm at it, I guess I should declare the Daily Photos a failure, as well. There's only so many ways you can take pictures of trucks in a parking lot every morning. I'll probably still post random collections of photos from the road from time to time, but I'm not going to try and routinize it.

ast night, dispatch sent me a message saying that, after my delivery this morning, I was clear to go to Allentown. But LARM won't be done with orientation until at least Thursday afternoon, maybe not until Friday. After completing the delivery this morning, I sent a message back to my dispatcher letting him know that I didn't relish the idea of sitting for two days. I've sat enough for the past month. They found me something that'll keep me busy through today at least, bumping around New Jersey: Millville, Newark, and North Bergen. It'll get me a couple hundred miles and some stop pay anyway.

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I had the same problem with my logs and pictures. Seeing that I spend 8 hours a day in the same little building and then come home to the same house, I felt pretty limited, too. At least you had different locations to photograph! I realize that's hard when you're driving the truck though. What we need to do is team up like we did in the summer so I can take awesome pictures out the window. :^)

I made a button today on html goodies! But then it told me that I need to know Javascript to make buttons. Yuck. So much for that idea.

you can make buttons without java, IMO. granted you don't get the fancy scroll overs Ubut you can do some very simple) but you can with out all that extra code.

Well they were interesting experiments, and they actually were fun to read.

Onward and upward ~~Napalm B-)>

You couldn't do it!
That's ok the good stuff will still be written as will the photos that count. Some days are diamonds and some days are......just more trucks?!




Awright smart ass.

I saw your city this afternoon. I was driving over a bridge in Newark and lower Manhattan was right in front of me. I thought, Katie's over there somewhere. :)

If you saw the very tip of the island, I was there "working". And since my boss has been out of the country this week, you can imagine what I mean by that.

Was a good try anyway! But who wants to sit around in front of a computer after driving 10-14 hours anyway? Maybe you could do a best of the best from the road? Stupid signs, awesome sunsets, lot lizard review.... okay that was a bad idea.

Gotta love students running your life eh?

"But who wants to sit around in front of a computer after driving 10-14 hours anyway?"

He does. :^) That's one of the highlights of my night, when he's done driving for the day and comes online to talk to me. Then again, I think I have better luck talking to him on the phone because he gets SUPER distracted when he's online looking at LJ or looking at fun new gadgets on newegg.com. ;^)

When Robert was on the road (sixteen years with Werner, now he's working as a yard jockey for them) we would talk, talk, talk, talk, and do a bit more talking for about five to eight hours (Gotta love Cingulars "mobile to mobile" program) so when he would shut down he was out in five minutes. He would sleep ten hours straight.

Now that he's in the yard... we still seem to talk about five hours a day on the phone... :D

That was how we started out...talking for those many hours. :^) I was unemployed at the time and he was driving late at night so it was a piece of cake for me to sit up until the sun rose, pacing in the basement so I wouldn't wake up my family with my incessant chatter.

We still talk on the phone a lot, but for the past year we've had a "family plan" together with Sprint...I don't know what we'd do without that!

Oh, I don't mind the sitting in front of a computer. I just got tired of writing the same thing every day. It was curious to me for a while, but I just lost interest in it.

I've noticed that both you and Erin take this stuff on in the form of projects. I relaize I'm the last one to make comment, considering my almost routine mass deletion of entries and the lack of structure in the ones that do survive. But maybe keep up with the logs as you feel fit, same with the pictures, I got a new camera not to take a strict regiment of pictures and state that X will be posted every Y period. I take them if I see something interesting or will make a good photo. Same with updating, if something strikes me as noteworthy I'll add it.

The thing is it's you and Erin's journals, do with them what you see fit. You both have a rather large readership so it's obviously working.

Well, the reason I was trying to do a daily log was because there were things that I did want to document, but never found the time to Write about them, so I was thinking to daily log would at least give it a mention.

Problem is, most of the things that I've been failing to write about are the things that I wasn't capturing with my daily log, because I tended to be lax about when I was home, or out doing something. It wasn't really serving the purpose I had intended, so I figure, why bother with it all then? And go back to just writing about things when I find the time and have the inclination.

I admit I did enjoy them for seeing the different towns, but as long as you keep up pwnin' LJ I'm good with that, your posts are still interesting to read in my eyes.

I think a lot of people just scanned the locations to see if it was anywhere near them or anywhere they've ever been.

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