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out of road
he New Year is really starting out to be a real doozy. Yesterday afternoon, upon arriving in Columbus, the power divider went-out in my truck. Essentially this means the drive shaft just spins and truck no move-y.


I got it towed to a shop. I don't have an official estimate yet but the shop manager gave me a ballpark figure of $2,500 in parts/labor. Just what I needed. Since it's now Sunday, they won't even be able to get parts until tomorrow. Probably the earliest we'll get back on the road is Monday afternoon.

For now, LARM and I are in a motel on the west side. It's snowing like crazy, too. It's just as well that we're not having to drive in this mess, but it's one thing to not be making any/much money and another to be incurring costs op top of that. If all of this wasn't bad enough, my toothache from Christmas has returned with a vengeance.

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Ouch, I hate toothaches.

I hope that it isn't that much.. :/

It's been killing me all day and I've been dosing Advil all day trying ot manage the pain. It hasn't helped much until just now... It's starting to dull a little, which is good since I'll be going to bed soon!

Well, that's good at least! I hate it when I can't sleep because of a toothache.

maybe larm is lucrative.

(Deleted comment)
lookit! larm on livejournal! the circle is complete.

balls, man... balls. Hopefully things turn around real quick like.

Clove oil, my friend. That'll help with the toothache, for now.

Do what with clove oil? Rinse with it, apply a little topically?

Well first of all, I want to caution you that clove oil CAN irritate mucous membranes, so be careful.

For pain, apply it topically. For bad breath, you can make a rinse using a 1-5 percent solution with water.

Be sure to use pure essentail oil for this, not a "fragrance oil" (which are stnthetic and have zero thereputic qualities. A good natural foods place or health food store ought to have it, as well as most "hippie" stores or those that carry essential oils. In Lexington, Wild Oats, Good Foods, Roberts Health Foods, and Sqecial immediately come to mind.

Fix your damn teeth.


Clove oil does help though.

I have every intention of doing that this year, but for obvious reasons that isn't going to be an option unless it becomes an emergency. I require too many extractions and root canals that i'm going to have to take some time off, and I can't really do that until after April 15th. :(

tell larm i said "fuck off!"

(Deleted comment)
In my case, it's all my fault. I'm 37 and still have my wisdom teeth. On top of that, I'm not very good about taking care of them and they're about to fall out of my head, what's left of them. I have a bit of fear of dentists so it's the sort of thing I've just kept putting off until it gets so bad that I HAVE to do something about them. I guess that time is soon upon me.

Ouch, sorry to hear about the breakdown and the tooth pain.

The one thing I've learned about tooth problems is that the the pain and expense only grow with time.

I hope things start going your way soon.

I'm hoping that I can wait it out a few months. I'm not in a position to take the time-off to get the work done that's going to required (root canals, extractions).

You knew I was going to ask you. What's a power divider? Does it sit between the drive shaft and differential?

Oh, and please consider getting that tooth fixed sooner, man. You don't want to get me started on this topic. :)

Yes. While I'm not the most mechanically minded person in the world (and I'm sure bustednut knows better than I and can correct me if necessary), basically, the front differential in the tractor's tandem drive axles has a power divider which, under normal operation is unlocked, applying all the torque from the drive shaft to the front axle.

In less than ideal traction conditions (uneven terrain, concrete, snow/ice/rain, when bobtail, etc), you can lock the power divider, causing the torque to be split and passed along a second, smaller drive shaft between the two differentials.

By the way, I stalked you and added you at last.fm earlier in the week.

So it's similar to the car concept of a limited slip differential, except you decide when the power needs to be split, not the component.

That's fine, man, but I haven't used it for months. Only used it when I had all my music on my PC, which was in Brisbane. Now that all my music is in my heart, there's nothing to transfer there anymore.

I don't need puking on top of this toothache. ;-)

Would you please explain how you deal with financial issues like this? Do you get a shitpile of money for each delivery such that it's easy to bankroll 2700 bucks for emergencies like this? Do a lot of OOs have similar issues? Is a used truck a good idea or should most people buy a new truck?

I'm genuinely curious how this works. I think trucking is a fascinating job.

Essentially, yes I do get a shitpile of money per run. Being an owner/operator is a high income, yet high expense endeaver. I was sitting on about 8 grand before Christmas, but the time out of work coupled with the repairs I had made on the brakes a couple of weeks ago has pretty much tapped those reserves. Paying this bill is going to be very much a burden and for the next several weeks, I'll be hanging by a thread.

The difference between a used truck and new truck is a dice roll. If you get a quality used truck, you can do well, but obviously you're still going to have a higher level of mechanical failure than with a new vehicle. With a new vehicle though, you're paying a much higher monthly payment. The difference is, I'll have this truck paid for in about another year and a half, putting more money in my pocket for keeping it running.

This truck has a new transmission and the motor is really solid, so overall, I'm relatively content with it. But a lot of the auxiliary systems and parts are failing with their age from the normal wear and tear. In this particular case, I'm just really low on reserve cash, having just come off the holidays and incurring two of these repair expenses within a couple weeks of each other. I'm hoping that I don't have any major repair issues to deal with in the next couple of months and I can I beef-up that pile of reserve cash in short fashion.

As for hitchhikers, I've never picked one up.

Also please comment on your experiences with hitchhikers, if any.

Thank you.

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