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random stuffs
he official estimate I received was $2,800. Fortunately, they were able to find all of the parts locally and they anticipate having it finished by this evening. That'll give me a chance to get nearly a week's worth of driving in before going home this weekend for my birthday.

The toothache is doing a lot better. The Pain has subsided considerably, but the left side of my face is still puffy with swelling. I find it amusing, so I thought maybe you would, too. I look not unlike a stroke victim.

About a week ago I finally joined Last.fm and began scrobbling my listening habits. I hunted down a few people who have accounts there = to their LJ name. If you're on there and interested, feel free to add me. I have a feeling this'll be a fad for me and that it won't be an enduring pastime. At the moment though, I'm having a lot of fun with it. I had grown out of the habit of listening to music while I was on the computer and it's kinda kickstarted me into doing that again. Also, I could always use more friends on Netflix.

Finally, a couple of pictures, just 'cause they're purty.

That looks seriously bad. Hope your tooth isn't infected.

It probably is since this is the second flair-up within a month. The pain and swelling as significantly subsided through the day, but if I have another flair-up like this again, I guess I'm gonna hafta bite the bullet, so to speaj, and get myself to a dentist.

You are now my Netflix intarwebs friend. I'm going to check out Last.fm when I have more time.

I hope your tooth gets better soon. Ouch! :(

Of all the people who added me on Netflix today, you and stormodacentury were the only people who I recognized by their IRL names.

Not a happy face B-(>

(Fountain pics are purty!)

I like your necklace, a lot.
And the reflection on the bottom water fall is really pretty!

Thanks, Welf gave me the necklace back when we first started seeing each other because I had given her my other necklace as a token of affection.

I wonder if she even knows where that other necklace is now? ;-)

The only reason I included the second photo was because of the reflection. :)

Wow, is that ice? Awesome. At first I thought you had left the shutter open for a few seconds to capture the effect of rushing water, but then I realized that the droplets wouldn't be splashing around like that if you had.

Hope you feel better soon.

Yeah, the morning sun had already melted the southeast side of the fountain but the reverse side was still frozen. It was rather striking.

You need some antibiotics stat. Looks like you have you one purty abscess there my friend. On the other hand those are some mighty purty water fountain pictures ya got there. ;)

I try to use antibiotics as a last result, when it's apparent my body is losing the battle. Right now the swelling and pain is subsided signicantly over the course of the day, so right now, body is winning. :)

Christ, you are chock full of infection, brother. Please do something. Treat yourself to a dentist visit for your birthday.

Don't get me started on this topic.

I think scrobbling was a great idea, and I found it interesting to see what I was listening to in that sort of summary way (my top artist and song lists probably surprised you enormously :)) but as you say, you have to be listening to it on your computer, for which you need one, and so on.

I'm not entirely convinced that my body's inflammatory response isn't winning the battle on this one. The pain and swelling are virtually gone at the moment.

Yeah, your playlists were shocking, heh.

eek. nice jawbreaker you got there. everybody else is probably right, though. go see a dentiste.

i turned off my audioscrobbler plugin like two years ago, but i'm still up there as lossfound, i think, or mebbe lossfoundation. among other useless crap it will show you that i purposely played kiss's "deuce" over 200 times before quitting. (actually, at some point after the tenth playing, i got impatient and just cleverly changed the ID3 on a five-second MP3 i had sitting around.)

Why skew the curve like that? You're clearly blurnking the data for some sadistic Kiss-related purpose. Why? WHY? WHY???

that huge ball of infection is awfully close to your brain. FIX IT.

That's what I told him, too, and he's all "whatever" about it. WHY DO MEN NEVER GO TO DOCTORS?

dude, you are a sick fuck and not in a good way. that needs some attention. Srsly. No wonder you were like all dead and stuff when you were home last....

cool pics... i thought most places drained fountains in the winter....? I know they do around here.

as someone who has been in this same situation, (re: teeth) you should pull in to an emergency dentist. that is a big-bag-of-angry-cats-class trouble you have brewing in your jaw.

That's it. No sex until you get yourself to a dentist.

I think you'd have a harder time with that than I would. ;-)

How do you explain the swelling in the rest of your face?

Yeah, that makes no sense, but I had to.

Oh, hey. Since you can't get to a dentist, you might want to try grapefruit seed extract. You'll find it at places like Whole Foods. It works like an antibiotic but without the whole doctor's appt. part.

Teeth suck.