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all you wanna do is ride around, Sally
he truck has been in the shop again for some very minor repairs, but it's taking a lot longer than I expected. As if my reserve funds for surviving weren't depleted enough from Christmas and the two other MAJOR truck failures I've had this month, now this. I keep getting the occasional push from outside sources that maybe this just isn't a reliable truck, and maybe this, and maybe that. It weighs heavily on me.

My gut feeling is that the truck is just old and is going to break down. On top of that, she's frequently abused by rookie drivers in the course of my duties as a trainer. If I had a new(er) truck, the money I'm now spending in repairs would be going into a payment that was bigger and for a longer term. Of course, my guts aren't a way to run a business. The fact remains that, in addition to my guts and the seemingly endless string of repairs, the truck IS profitable. Not only that, it's more lucrative than when I was a company driver and I have greater freedom. When in doubt, always take a look at the bottom line - literally. The problem is not with the truck, but with me. I took the excessive time off and I was cavalier with my finances. I've dug a small hole for myself in the past month, but it's not a coffin nail.

She needs a name; one that would endear her to me as well as others. It would make people root for her. Wilson Pickett died in January last year, the same year I got her. January of this year has been a nightmare. She may not be a Mustang, but the refrain of ride, Sally, ride just seems appropriate as a rally cry.

I'm christening her Sally.


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I like that name. I always name things, as it seems to be better luck for me. :)

I can be a terribly sentimental person. Not that I have a problem with sentimentality, but I can take it to extremes if I'm not careful.

I've never been much for naming vehicles or other utilitarian objects because it only increases that sentimentality for me. It's just a thing; not a person or a pet or a token of affection, like a love letter or a gift.

On the other hand there's Welf, who has an SD flash card she doesn't use any more since getting a larger one, yet refuses to give it away because a friend of hers was with her when she bought it blah blah blah. She's formed a sentimental attachment to something which has nothing to do with anything, in my opinion.

Of course, that's easy for me to say... she's at work and I'll likely be long gone before she gets home to read this. ;-)

No. I'm not giving it away because I SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON IT. Dork.

You may have spent a lot of money one it at the time, but today it's worth maybe 10 bucks brand new... and you have no use for it. :)

That makes sense. I can be very sentimental but I've been able to rope it in, in recent years. But, I can understand your point of view. :)

Doesn't have the same zing as "Max Power", but it'll do. ;)

I'm a firm believer that vessels are all female. For me it's not simply a matter of tradition, but a logical conclusion based on years of dealing with tempermental machines and women.

In a semi- or possibly un-related way, my Uncle Nick who was a taxi owner/driver like my old man, put on an EA Falcon wagon in, I think, late 1990. The EA was the first Falcon fitted with a four-speed automatic, and cab drivers were frying them left, right, and centre, most eventually retrofitting the old three speed. We used to drive Dad's EB in "3" rather than "D" to put off this crazy phenomenon.

This was the time that my cousin Andrew got his cab licence and started drivng for him. Andrew drove like the footage of Kamikaze Japanese pilots plunging their planes into American flight carriers. I've long since refused to drive with him - I preferred to get the train from the airport one year rather than have him pick me up when he offered, because twenty minutes was too dangerous.

Andrew's driving and the EA Falcon intersected. Uncle Nick had to recondition his automatic five times in five years, as well as the other stuff that gave out and the panel beating. That car cost him a fucking bucketload and he refuses to acknowledge he ever owned it to this day.

"Remember your wagon, Uncle Nick?"
"Here, Paul, I was keeping this beer just for you."

I guess I view Sally as my first step into being an owner/operator. I realize that she's going to be expensive to maintain and accept that, in lieu of the fact that I'm probably not capable, (and more to the point, not exactly inclined) to take-on the debt commitment of a capital expenditure exceeding $100,000 for a new truck. I'm sure that some day, I'll look back with a bittersweet chuckle at these times, even if right now I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall.

Sally is a amazing name. I've always liked it. And may you and Sally have a better few months a head. Oh and you and Welfy too ;]

Eh, with Welf everything's hunky dory, trivial internet dramas not withstanding. I hope in all there is to hope for, for better times with Sally. At this point, it almost HAS to. If it doesn't, I'm going to be out of the owner/operator game mighty quick.

(Deleted comment)
At this point, I would gladly accept the rags to riches story of a simpleton as a summary and analogy of my life.

I hear you might be making a run to Texas? You should give a shout as you pass through Austin, or even better stop for a great meal! BTW - I think you'll love my friend's foodie site, check it out!

Currently we are in route to Houston. I have no idea if we'll be in the Austin area and if we'd even have time if we were. With the way things have gone the past month, my inclination is to complete my loads as quickly as possible and get the next one done so I can get some fast income flowing through the bank account. I appreciate the invitation though, and will have to keep that in mind for the future. :)

I can totally understand - I have a couple of prezzies for you and welfy that would be nice to give in person, but I can send a care package instead. You can always send a text to my phone via my lj user info if you are in the Exit 225-245 range of I-35! Lots of good restaurants on that corridor, and I'm a hop and skip away.
Good luck on your run!

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