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life ain't nothin' but bitches and money
ith the spirit of the Year of Frugality, I've also been thinking of ways which I can increase income. Sometime last year, I created an Adsense account with Google, but have never done anything with it. I've always been somewhat of an anti-commercial person with concern to the internet and I've always respected sites which didn't resort to popups and flashing banners. Google ads, though, have never seemed to bother me. Of course, I'm rather immune to internet advertising and seldom click-through anything.

The thing is, my modest web endeavors, which I do nothing to promote except on the strength of the content I provide, generates nearly 50,000 page hits per month from 7,000 unique visitors. With some retooling of some things I've done in LiveJournal communities (photocomm stuff like shoetree, abandoned buildings, etc.) that linked to my personal journal, instead going to a public blog with advertising, I could probably increase that another 10,000-20,000 hits per month. If the blog page took on a life of it's own as a result, who knows?

Given my general anti-commercial stance, this is a hard thing for me to consider from an ethical stand-point. It's not that I view it as being a sell-out; I think I provide content which is genuinely appealing to a minute portion of the internet population at-large, why not get paid? For me it's a question of, is the income stream going to be worth the headache of re-tooling all of my websites? And more importantly, will it be enough that I can live with having advertising on my pages?

If any of you have experience with Adsense and the revenue it can provide, I'd be interested in your opinion. Actually, I'd be interested in any opinion at all regardless. At the moment, I'm of the mind to re-tool one of the sites and see what proportion of revenue-to-hits there is before deciding to expand it or take it down. I figure it's always something I can reverse if I don't feel it's worth the effort or compromise.

For the record, the three current websites are Beastie Boys Lyrics Annotated (outdated as it is, it still gets 400 hits per day and a new album is expected from them this year which means SURGE), Good Morning, Captain (also horribly outdated but still gets good traffic from fans), and my photo gallery, plus the retooling of soopageek.com to be a public blog instead of a portal to my LiveJournal.

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Would it affect those of us using your gallery/webdomain for our own photo galleries? The only people going to mine are friends/family I point that way and I have uploaded anything new in a while so it wouldn't affect me that much if it did, just wonderin'

Not at all, I only intend to do this on my own projects, not anything I host for other people. :)

i just found this site and thought of your wireless setup and whatnot for the bigrig:


Heh, that's pretty cool, although I don't use WiFi much anymore since getting the cellular Aircard.

Will a public blog mean that you'll require yourself to put lame pictures in every entry?


It sure as hell won't have the black-text-on-red-background nightmare that is your journal layout. ;-)

I don't expect you to be able to relate to my extreme EMOness.

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