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my momma poppa told me son you better watch your step
oor Sally has been giving me fits all week. She's long had a slight problem in her coolant system; she has trouble keeping it in. When I was home last, I had my local mechanic check her out and make an attempt to cure this minor annoyance. Everything seemed fine for the first couple of days until we hit the really cold weather in Ohio and got a low coolant warning. Ever since then, I haven't been able to drive more than 500 miles without having to replace coolant. The thing is, I can't find it actively leaking anywhere, aside from some tell-tale antifreeze on the inside of the front bumper right beneath the radiator.

When we got back to warmer climes, it seemed that things were getting better. She was holding her coolant longer it seemed. Then yesterday between Ft. Bridger and Evanston, Wyoming she blew a radiator hose. I don't know if this is related to her general coolant problems or if the failing integrity of that hose was just coincidence. Armed with some empty antifreeze jugs and a Wendy's cup, I managed to scoop enough clean water from a large pool of water to fill her back up. I wrapped the shit out of the hose with some electrical tape and made it the extra 10 miles to Evanston and parked near an Autozone.

They didn't carry any hose big enough for my purposes, but the dude behind the counter handed me a card of a local 24/7 repair and recovery service and suggest I try giving him a call. An hour and a half later he showed up with hose in hand and only charged me $35 for the part and his time to bring it to me. I quickly put the new hose on and filled her up again with coolant and we were on our way again. I'm now in Bliss, Idaho and she seems to be doing okay, well, at least no worse-off than she was.

I'm hoping to at least get her back eastward through Omaha and let the folks at McMullen check her out and see what they can do for her. This nagging problem with the coolant system has given me varying degrees of headache ever since the beginning. Right now, I need to roll, though. Finances are dire. Despite this problem, we've covered a lot of ground in the past 9 days; nearly 8,000 miles of it in fact. If her next stay in the shop doesn't resolve the problem, I guess I'll need to bite the bullet and get her into a Cummins shop and let them try to figure out what the problem is.

The new Deerhoof record kicks much ass.

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Coolant leaks blow, because they're so hard to track down (and I'd imagine doubly so on a vehicle like yours.)

I cannot stand AutoZone, because I've yet to see one that could successfully locate their ass, much less the parts I needed.

Well, it was Evanston, WY. My options were limited and it was the first place I saw from the interstate that would have any hope of having something. I'm just thankful they were able to point me in the right direction of someone who could help.

Yeah, don't guess beggars can really be choosers in that situation. Especially in Bumfuck, Wyoming.

If I knew my momma poppa have to watch my dad myself.

Because my favourite version of this song is done by Creedence Clearwater Revival. :)

I don't know if this works the same with trucks, but every time I had a water leak that I couldn't trace, it was always a faulty radiator cap. I suppose that apart from the hoses and radiator itself, it can't come out anywhere else.

Re: If I knew my momma poppa have to watch my dad myself.

I was listening to The Sonics' version :)

In the case of trucks, the cap is on a plastic reservoir which is mounted to the firewall. It feeds the motor with coolant, exits the motor to the radiator for cooling, then back to reservoir. In the work I had done last time I was home, I had a whole new reservoir (and resulting cap) installed. I'm not seeing any water in the oil so I'm not losing it THE BAD WAY... so I'm guessing I'll be having a radiator repaired/replaced in the very near future.

Re: If I knew my momma poppa have to watch my dad myself.

You know what? I had actually blanked out the possibility of you losing it THE BAD WAY. That really doesn't bear thinking about, so I'm glad that ain't it. :)

rockin' at the house of blue light

I shudder to think what the cost of replacing head gaskets on a truck is.

What're you doing lurking around LJ on the weekend? That's somewhat uncharacteristic for you. Is SHE away?

Goin' to the corner, gonna buy a diamond ring

Because I was away all weekend, I didn't get around to looking around for employment opportunities, which I'm doing now.

I am normally around for some time on the weekend, if only to do that. I just figured nobody ELSE was ever around.

she hug me and she kiss me make me ting-a-ling-a-ling

I'm around on weekends that I'm working, although not usually this late at night. I can sleep tomorrow whilst LARM drives, though. I was kinda hang'n around to see if my unequivocal better-half would pop online after her night out, but I'm beginning to think she's already conked-out or having such a good time with her girlfriend that she still hasn't made it home.

Either way, I'm getting sleepy and about ready to call it a night.

I think for your future resumes you should just list yourself as "Man of mystery and international intrigue".

Re: she hug me and she kiss me make me ting-a-ling-a-ling

And just as I was going to ask you if you wanted to chat! :) Next time.

Sleep well, I'll likely see you tomorrow.

That's a good listing for my resume. Perhaps it is the inescapable truth that "Rooter Of Girls And Their Mothers" is just not working.

oh hellooooooooooooooooooo!

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