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some people like water, some people like wine
elivered bright and early in Renton, Wa this morning and was unloaded quickly. We're picking up a load that's due to be ready by 16:00 about ten miles north of here and taking it to Wisconsin... by Wednesday morning. That's some hard drive'n. Hopefully it will be ready earlier than the appointed time and we can get out of the Seattle area before the evening rush hour. I'm not going anywhere right now, though, as the morning rush is still in full effect. I can see the 405 from where I'm parked and it isn't pretty.

I will definitely be stoppping in Missoula, MT on the way for some of the best tomato soup in the whole world, even if it's for breakfast.

Since blowing the radiator hose on Saturday, I haven't had to replenish the coolant. We've been in generally warmer climates than what we were experiencing in the midwest and east coast, so I'm inclined to believe it definitely had something to do with that.

Inspired by lossfound, who was undertaking his own OS re-install yesterday morning, I decided to tackle the one I had been contemplating, to see if it would resolve the issue with my Aircard making the laptop crash. It seems to have helped a little, but in the end, I still think it's a hardware issue. It seems that when I stick it in the slot I have to be very particular about how I put it in or else everything goes to hell. I had a similar issue with my ex-wife. Thankfully I've not had to re-install as many SO's as I have OS's.

Speaking of SO's, welfy and I have an interesting development on the domestic front. Her brother (nebreztnem) and his fiancé (smiles_sweetly) both graduated from college last spring. In the rust-belt of western Pennsylvania, job opportunities are somewhat slim. Welf and I extended an invitation to them to come stay with us a few months to check-out the job market and milieu of central Kentucky. With the state government opportunities locally, nearby cities like Louisville and Cincinnati, and the micropolitan areas of northern Kentucky and Lexington all within an hour and a half from our front porch, Frankfort is kinda ideal as base of operations. It would give them an opportunity to see if a move would suit them without the commitment of apartment leases and the hassle of moving a ton of things only to move them back if they decided to return to PA. Somewhat to our surprise, they took us up on the offer. They're planning to come down next Monday, the 19th. The plan is to disassemble the much coveted Guy Room this coming weekend when I get home. They'll essentially have the entire downstairs as their domain complete with their own bathroom. If they decide they like central Kentucky and want to stay, they'll have some time to get on their feet and find their own place.

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re: SOs and OSes: best one-liner EVAR.

this inspires a chain of similar comparative analogy from me:

i've made it far longer on given installed SOs than i have on ANY installation of given OSes.

however, when an OS install starts to go south, if you know what you're doing, you at least have a shot of recovering your important, valuable shit.

and when your OS install goes out on you, you can ALWAYS install another one right away... and it's usually way better out of the box than your last install the very instant you do so.

finally, Linux's new motto should be "At least we're slightly easier to figure out than the average woman."

I thought you'd appreciate that and thank you, I was rather proud of it myself.

An OS starts to get wonky with the installation of third-party software or questionable integrity, whether pirated or bought

trying to run two OSes at one time is a tricky proposition.

in most cases, one should never know about the other.

sometimes you find one that's cool with it, though.

oh, here's another one:

like OSes, SOs often tend to gain more features-- and become more bloated-- as they develop.

and no matter WHAT os you use, no matter how good, it will never run ALL the software you want to run.

A little town between Appleton and Oshkosh called Neenah. I just went through the Eau Claire area, no time for stopping though; tight schedule and all.


The plan is to disassemble the much coveted Guy Room this coming weekend when I get home

Just so you don't act surprised when we get there, I want to let you know ahead of time that at the Annual General Meeting, I'm going to move to have you drummed out of the Brotherhood.

...although, fair's fair, I'm going to nominate you for an award for your slot commentary too.

Hey now, it's only a temporary arrangement and for a good cause. To be honest, I haven't been able to get in the spirit of doing the Guy Room up RIGHT because I know in the long run that this is just rental and I won't be here very long. I'm hoping to buy some property in my near future where I can make a more permanent No Ma'ams Land.

There are few things better in life than a good ex joke.

So I was talking to my friend Lindsey about his new site, Dishola. Since it started while he was here in Austin, it's very Austincentric. He's trying to figure out what cities he should focus on next, since so far it's been word of mouth.
I told him how great you'd be if you were involved - seeing as what a foodie/gourmand you are, how much you travel, and that you gave me excellent food recommendations when I visited New York.

Check it out and see what you think - of course I'm snax on there as well!

I didn't have the time to properly check that site out the last time you mentioned it to me, thanks for re-linking it, it's a neat idea. I signed-up but as of yet, haven't gotten my confirmation e-mail. I hope I didn't typo my address. :(

As for recommendations for cities: New York, Chicago, LA are obvious choices as people visit those cities and there's no shortage of locals who will be passionate about writing about their favorite dishes in those areas. I think that the more it spreads by word-of-mouth to people in other cities, that it'll grow. People like telling others about their favorite dishes and/or disagreeing with others about food. Getting one or two really interested people in a city will get the ball rolling for that location.

Once I can access my account I'll probably write about various dishes in central Kentucky that I'm a fan of, as well as a few dishes I've tried around the country.

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