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you like spaghetti, too!
he report of my death is an exaggeration.

I've been inconsolable for a week because no one had LJ-nudged me. You can thank navygreen for giving me my first ever nudge. As a result of my phishing expedition a couple of years ago I had grand plans for your fuckers. Anyone know where I can unload several pounds of thermite and magnesium powder in a hurry?

For those of you not following LARM's journal, he's going to stay with me an extra week since my company is short on equipment at the moment. They're going to pay him extra as compensation, of course, I get the luxury of having a good, and cool, student on board for a while longer. Last week, we were afforded the opportunity to drive by the Oregon Shoetree, which was the first I had ever encountered. I had never been back to it in all these years and my only photos of it were taken with the really awful camera I had at the time. It's nice to finally have some quality photos of it.

This past weekend was spent at home, spending time with welfy and socializing with friends and family. On Saturday, Welf, LARM, and I went to Cincinnati to meetup with Patty and her beau to see Doug Stanhope perform. After the show he was gracious enough to pose for a quick photo with us in the foyer of the club. Patty sent me a text message the next day to let me know that Doug was in a car wreck later that night and apparently is in pretty bad shape. I haven't been able to find any news about it anywhere but hopefully he'll be okay. With the possible exception of Lewis Black, I can't think of another comic working the American club circuit right now that matters as much as Stanhope does.

On Monday, while I was spending time with my kids, Welf visited with janietrain. When I was done with the wee-Soops, I joined them only to discover that brianjedi had joined the festivities at some point and a game of Karaoke Revolution had begun. Somewhere, there exists a really embarassing video of me doing "Respect" that will likely grace Welf's journal in the very near future.

I may have been mistaken in assuming that the new Modest Mouse album would be the album of the year if my current last.fm charts are any indication.

soopageek's Profile Page

Now I gotta find time to read your journals. What's been goin' on?

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Listening to it right now, bro. ;-)

you're gonna ruin it for yourself for when the finished product comes out! especially since i've got a couple of better mixes planned! but don't let me stop you or nuthin'.

I won't hold my breath. I'm still waiting on the Kohrdumpe Quartet EP of indie covers with a Slint song.

give me a list of requests and it JUST MIGHT HAPPEN

"Suggestion" - Fugazi
"Slack Motherfucker" - Superchunk
"Why Can't I Be You?" - The Cure
"Web In Front" - Archers Of Loaf
"Silver Rocket" - Sonic Youth
"Good Morning, Captain" - Slint

silver rocket would be tricky.

i've already done good morning, captain in non-kohrdumpe form.

and i heard a really creepy cover-but-not-quite-but-yes of why can't i be you at Boston Market the other day.

It's probably been at least ten years, but there was some European comp of no-name bands doing SY covers and some Italian band just TORE UP "Silver Rocket"... I hope to come across it again someday.

If not "Silver Rocket"... "Titanium Expose" from Goo. And if not "Why Can't I Be You?" then "Killing An Arab".

oh, and PUSSY WARSHIP is totally written and i think it's different from anyone expected, including me.

Never has so much promise existed in a mere song title.

well, you might be let down then.

think... Disney.

Well, if I'm let down, at least now I'm intrigued.

...and you might get more of what you were originally hoping for with the upcoming song PAINT IT WITH BALLOONS AND SET IT ON FIRE.

I do hope that you post the finished product, as I've decided to hold off on sampling until I can hear the whole thing from beginning to end.

I only ask because of your dubious record for following through on things - you promised to draw me a picture two days ago, for example.

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