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you like spaghetti, too!
he report of my death is an exaggeration.

I've been inconsolable for a week because no one had LJ-nudged me. You can thank navygreen for giving me my first ever nudge. As a result of my phishing expedition a couple of years ago I had grand plans for your fuckers. Anyone know where I can unload several pounds of thermite and magnesium powder in a hurry?

For those of you not following LARM's journal, he's going to stay with me an extra week since my company is short on equipment at the moment. They're going to pay him extra as compensation, of course, I get the luxury of having a good, and cool, student on board for a while longer. Last week, we were afforded the opportunity to drive by the Oregon Shoetree, which was the first I had ever encountered. I had never been back to it in all these years and my only photos of it were taken with the really awful camera I had at the time. It's nice to finally have some quality photos of it.

This past weekend was spent at home, spending time with welfy and socializing with friends and family. On Saturday, Welf, LARM, and I went to Cincinnati to meetup with Patty and her beau to see Doug Stanhope perform. After the show he was gracious enough to pose for a quick photo with us in the foyer of the club. Patty sent me a text message the next day to let me know that Doug was in a car wreck later that night and apparently is in pretty bad shape. I haven't been able to find any news about it anywhere but hopefully he'll be okay. With the possible exception of Lewis Black, I can't think of another comic working the American club circuit right now that matters as much as Stanhope does.

On Monday, while I was spending time with my kids, Welf visited with janietrain. When I was done with the wee-Soops, I joined them only to discover that brianjedi had joined the festivities at some point and a game of Karaoke Revolution had begun. Somewhere, there exists a really embarassing video of me doing "Respect" that will likely grace Welf's journal in the very near future.

I may have been mistaken in assuming that the new Modest Mouse album would be the album of the year if my current last.fm charts are any indication.

soopageek's Profile Page

Now I gotta find time to read your journals. What's been goin' on?

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...and you'll never get a nudge from me, not just because we're friends in name only, but also because I think that's some lame-ass programming bullshit novelty function designed to generate false stats to present to management for further funding.

If people aren't posting, I presume they're having a little break and leave them alone. To me it's like being silent and/or grumpy in a group of people and a nudge is like "AW HEY C'MON MAN 'N' JOIN THE CONVERSATION WE ALL FRIENDS HERE UHH". IRL I tend to react to those by punching the speaker in the face. If they'd spent more time on an "LJ Punch In The Face" function, that'd be an achievement.

I notice you have our mutual friend in your scrobbler. He appeared in my scrobbler too, on the basis of his "Chromatic Cluster" ending up on my main playlist. Knowing his enjoyment of privacy, I was absolutely fucking mortified that he might see his name on my list, and always turned the agent off before playing his work.

Now I gotta find time to read your journals. What's been goin' on?

Is that a rhetorical question, or do you really expect the 415,000 people on your FL to report in with a precis of their recent activities, you lazy @#@@#_@#????

oh c'mon now. do you think i actually go searching for myself on last.fm? man. you people must think i'm a sucker for punishment.

Give me a break. You're paranoid AND thorough, so I presume nothing at all.

i don't know where you got the impression i was thorough, either. paranoid, maybe. makes for safe motorcycling.

by the way, i stopped using audioscrobbler a long time ago largely because i didn't want to bias results in my favor. i listen to my own shit more than i should ever want anyone to know.

My memory tells me you were biasing results in "Deuce"'s favour.

yeah, until i started getting bitched at by everyone i knew for "defeating the purpose."

i actually started cheating somewhere around the 50-play mark and started using a 5-second MP3 file that just had the "Deuce" ID3 tag information. but then i had a set of friends come down on me pretty hard and had to stop. people are no fun.

ha!! haaahahahaaa! this whole thing made me titter.

Cool! Then it's my salary increase application all over again.

Hehehe, I don't think I've ever nudged anyone either. I have always been curious if I hadn't posted in a while if anyone would ever nudge me. After a week had gone by without posting I thought, well, maybe we'll see. It was coincidental that I got nudged today, for I was planning to post about the weekend anyway.

Has there ever been any doubt that I'm a lazy @#@@#_@#?

Speaking of lazy, did you ever get a chance to discover Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I know I promised this, like, forever ago, but I've recently come into possession of some digital rips and I thought I could get some to ya if you'd never gotten around to seeking it out for yourself.

+1 on the aqua teens. australia NEEDS them.

The last discussion we had centred around your advice to see them in sequential order, and the season 1 eps I found ...uh, under some blankets, were all such a shithouse quality that I couldn't take more than three minutes of the first one.

So I was going to get them next trip to Amazon, and having a season of frugality not unlike yours, that would not have been until abour 2415.

Then again, I have a hankering for Dastardly & Muttley In Their Flying Machines, which might be edging it out for now.

I haven't had a chance to check out the quality of the ones I found under some blankets, but but considering they were, mmm, under some really high-thread count blankets, I presume they're decent. Next time I'm home I'll check them out properly and see if I can't help you frugally enjoy them. :)

Thank you, sir.

Hey, I read something you wrote a while a go for the first time the other day. It was very nice to read, but I was wondering what you meant by my Bolshevik attitude to maintaining an FL?

I guess I was trying to tie your ancestry to your view of your f-list even when there's not much correlation between the two. I had recently watched Doctor Zhivago and the idea of bloody, Russian revolt was in my head.

People view their f-lists differently. Some people cultivate friend's lists only of journals they want to read without regard for mutual friending. Others like yourself do this but only with people they feel they have a rapport with, y'know, camrades. Still others like myself friends everyone back and then reads what he wants to read. I don't think any approach is necessarily better or worse than another, it's just whatever works for the journal keeper in terms of privacy and their ideas of what a friends list should be.

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