It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

rain gives way to brilliance

Location: Buffalo, New York

Last night was the first time in quite a while I have slept with the truck not running. It was cool and not humid, so I shut her down before going to sleep. Sometime early this morning, it began to rain but it stopped before I was awakened by a phone call from the customer wanting to know if I wanted him to bring me a cup of coffee. How nice!

I lay there for the next few minutes listening to the sound of water dripping from the rooftops of nearby buildings. The sky was gray and the air was cool. I so wanted to continue sleeping with the comforting patter of raindrops as my lullaby.

I had a weird sex dream last night about a girl I used to know. LaDonya Carney. Donya was an incredibly smart and attractive girl who I knew throughout grade, middle, and high school. I haven't seen her much since graduation. Once I visited her at EKU when I was attending UK and then I saw her again at our ten year highschool reunion. Other than that, I seldom have occasion to even think of her. It's strange that I should have a sex dream about her out of the blue like that. It's too bad I have this habit of waking from dreams when my mind begins to figure out that "this cannot be happening", whether good or bad. It was apparent we were both in our late teens in the dream, and, well, I was having sex, so, there you go. I woke up in the middle of foreplay. Grrrr.

From here, I'm off to Rochester and Syracuse, then I begin making my way upstate. I'm looking forward to the drive. The gray skies have given way to brilliant sunlight which sparkles the raindrops beading on my windshield. The highway is shiny with water and plumes of mist are sprayed by trailer tires. The forests are beginning to fade their bold green with yellows, oranges, and reds. Soon these mountains will be awash in the tones of summer's swan song.

Goodbye summer, it was fun, as usual.

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