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photo madness!
his morning I got out and took some photos of an old railroad bed while waiting to be loaded at a customer. It occured to me that since declaring the Daily Logs and Daily Photos experiment a failure, that I haven't taken, or posted, very many. Maybe I was burned out by doing it on a daily basis.

But I have been taking some.

Last November, I posted a big mess o' random photos taken between June and October of last year. I thought it'd be fun, armed with some fresh photos from today, to do one of those posts again. For your amusement, here's a collection of 30, un-posted photos from November of last year until today, more or less in chronological order. If you're curious about any, feel free to ask about it in the comments.


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Is that girl biting that terrified cat?

Also, that's a big steak.

I don't think the kitty looks terrified. It looks more to me like on of the "Eh, I really can't be bothered" looks. She certainly wasn't scared of her human, atthestarz. I don't remember what Tanya was doing. It looks like she's leaning in for a soul kiss which is why I find the picture so amusing.

welfy in the rainbow socks picture - was the "Jesus Never Fails" sign posed for the picture or was that just where it was?

Also, where was that nighttime skyline with the barb wire fence picture taken?

I don't remember if it was already there or if Welf had put it there. I do know it wasn't there the last time we took photos there because it's not in any of the older pictures from that site.

The skyline is Seattle.

Yeah yeah of course, the one time I DO NOT read comments BEFORE posting one, you already answered the question I just asked you. Doh.

Is that Wonka's lickable wallpaper? I've always wondered how the schnozzberries are...

It does look like it doesn't it? Sadly, that property has been bulldozed sometime since Thanksgiving. There's just a vacant lot there now. :(

I adore the skyline one with the barbed wire. Very beautiful. I feel stupid because I can not for the life of me guess what sky line it is. What one is it? I also adore the first one, the sky goes beautifully with the landscape. I'd buy that one, too.

:] I need to get better about posting photos on Live Journal ever since I joined FLICKR I feel like I should only post them there. Maybe a few here and there on Live Journal.

With the exception of some family photos and pictures of my kids, I upload just about everything to my Gallery. I used to post a lot more to LiveJournal, especially the photo comms but I haven't felt as inspired to do so. I guess the novelty of it wore off.

What's the third one down?

And where are you and Welfy where Jesus Never Fails?

I don't know exactly WHAT it is, but I can tell you where it is. It's in downtown Paris, KY. It looks like it may have been either an office building or apartment building, and may still be.

The Jesus Never Fails sign was in the Sharpsville Schoolhouse which Welf and I first visited it in January of last year. When her kin came to visit us over Thanksgiving, we visited it again with her brother and took a bunch more pictures.

When Welf and I were out there a couple of weekends ago, it had been completely demolished.

OK, thank you! :D

I knew OF that schoolhouse but I didn't realize it was the same one.. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! Now that it's getting warm I might be seeking your assistance for a future photo taking endeavor, if the offer's still good to see your grandaddy's old moonshine still?

(Deleted comment)
The first and second photos were both taken at a viewing point on I-84 in Oregon, from atop the Blue Mountains just before it descends into the valley.

The fifth one was taken at the old Sharpsville Schoolhouse, as was the one of Welf and her brother and the one of her sitting on the mattress springs.

I'm impressed you could tell that was okra on the side dish!

I love how the pictures taken from inside the cab are at a bit of an angle. Makes me feel much less safe about those two weeks I spent riding around with you.

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