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i'm gonna hitchhike down to cincinnati
got into Omaha on Monday morning, got Sam dropped at the terminal and got Sally into the shop for her repairs. Talking with the mechanic has eased my mind a bit. He thinks he may be done by as early as today. I told him that I was anticipating being here at least 3-4 days, so even if he didn't get done until Wednesday I'd be ecstatic. It would definitely be great to not lose this whole week sitting here.

I'm perpeturally behind the times with internet sensations, particularly viral videos. I was surfing around YouTube the other day and came across a video from 2001 of a pop and lock dancer known as David "Elsewhere" Bernal. Since then, he's been in movies and TV commercials utlizing his very unique and original dance moves. I became entraced with him briefly and tracked down everything I could find on YouTube and, um... elsewhere, of him performing. While they're all great in their own way, none are as jaw dropping as the original performance that attracted me to his work; the original performance that got the internets a-ga-ga. If you've never seen it, check it out. It's from a talent show and the video begins with a couple of kids that were on-stage before him. Then David is introduced and he looks like this shy, quiet kid - unsure of himself. He takes a few seconds, bopping back and forth a little in one place and you begin to wonder if his stage fright will consume him. Then... he begins to transform. And for the next 60 seconds you witness one of the most amazing freestyle dance routines you'll ever see.

May 4th, 2007
Covington, KY


Who wants to go with me?


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I suppose you'll force me to go with you to that concert, and even if you don't force me, I'd go crazy knowing you're off having fun without me. :^P So I'm game.

everybody wants some nashville pussy

I wouldn't force you to go, as I don't think it's your type of music, show, or scene in general.

But it will be fun. And loud. And even a little dangerous. It's funny how Nashville Pussy never seems to play the same place twice when they come through the Kentucky area. No one will rebook them, heh.

Re: everybody wants some nashville pussy

One of the chicks, I forget which one, traumatized one of my friends by grinding in his face.

Charlie and I would be there if it wasn't for geographical inconveniences.

Re: everybody wants some nashville pussy

I licked the strings on Ruyter's guitar at one show. Heh. Back when Corey Parks was still playing bass, I saw her punch a guy in the face with the butt of her bass after he reached up and grabbed her breast. Their shows are always a wild time.

They're playing Memphis on May 17th :)

OMG...how did that gelatinous kid DO that???

It's amazing living in an age when you feel like everything's been done to see something so original... that no one has ever done. I think that's what drew me to it. It's just mind-bending the illusions he creates with his body.

Whoa, that kid was amazing! I've never seen anyone do anything like that Strobe Light Effect he pulled off, that was just crazy

Yeah! The strobing effect is the most amazing part. When you first see it, it's like... whoa. And you have to watch it again... and again... and again...

Up for a road trip?

It looks like the closest they'll be to you is Pittsburgh

(Deleted comment)
Well then, order yourself a ticket. I can give ya a ride up there. :)

where in covington and how much...will also pass the info onto Josh and trracy, im sure they'll be interested in going

The Madhatter

Tix are $9 advance, $11 at the door. If you wanna go, buy your tix. When it gets closer to that weekend we'll see what we can do about pooling cars for the trip or something. I always get mine advance so I don't have to worry about getting turned away the night of the show :)

(Deleted comment)
Ha! that's great. No I'd never heard it. I was never all into Kool Keith. I'll have to add it to my collection driving/trucking/road songs.

I thought I sent an add for you on AIM. It's soopageek70

I've seen a bit of his work, definately liked it a lot. I dance around a bit when i'm out of a night time and probably look ridiculous, but I wish I could do that.


Yeah he's pretty awesome. I spent a couple of hours scouring the internets for more of his work. He;s definitely an original.

He seems pretty unassuming also, which is the good thing I guess. I guess he did a lot of practice in the garage at home since he was 17.

I like the VW advert a fair bit, but there are no real 'out there' moves in it compared to his other...routines. Just put together really well perhaps


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