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we've gotta get these boxes of rock to the dock
hey didn't get the truck done on Tuesday, but it was done on Wednesday. It turns out that it wasn't a blown head gasket after all, but a bad oil cooler; a much cheaper and easier fix than tearing down the motor to remove the head. That's the good news.

After picking Sally up yesterday afternoon I took her immediately to an alignment shop. I had a 7pm appointment, so I was beginning to think I would be able to get back on the road by Thursday morning. Of course, things are never that simple. After getting Sally into the alignment bay, I wandered off into the truckstop to play video games for the next couple of hours. The shop called me back fifteen minutes later to inform me that there was some play in one of the kingpins and they couldn't do the alignment until it was repaired. They proceeded to quote me a $1500 estimate to have it done. That would be the bad news.

Effff that. I decided I'd just take it back to McMullen this morning and have them look at it. There was some play in it and the shop foreman assured me he could have it done by the end of today and added that working with tierods/steering is one of his personal specialities and he'd do the job himself. It won't cost me nearly as much to have them do it though. So hopefully I''ll have the truck back this afternoon, can get it in for an alignment this evening, then be back on the road first thing tomorrow.

I've been in one of my full-on Hearts moods lately. For the past few weeks I haven't been able to get enough of it. This week with all of the down-time, I've done nothing but consume vast quantities of Dr. Peppers, smoke cigarettes, listen to music, and play cards on Yahoo! all day. Which is where I'm headed now.


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I was just telling your chick the other day that I actually saw you yell at the computer while you were playing hearts. She didn't believe me. I swear this to be true. So far, it's the only time I've ever seen you worked up about anything.

Heh, I'm like that about any game on a computer screen. I'm never like in face to face competition and am rather gracious; but when it's just me facing the computer screen, I like to yell at it to vent frustration.

What is the deal with you guys and the collecting of the Dr. Pepper cans? Randy will not throw one away to save his life!

Oh, I generally have no problem throwing them away. It's a hotel-room thing. Whenever I stay at a hotel by myself, I putout the "Do Not Disturb" sign, refuse to have the room cleaned, and the room fills with spent soda cans and pizza boxes.

Then I shall show Randy the pic and let him know that is only a hotel-room thing. :P

You mean you haven't got your man trained yet? What kinda wife are you?!?!

A pretty crappy one. Seems that he has me trained as I'm the one that comes along and picks them up. I'm slacking. I 've got to get crackin' that whip!

1500 dollar repair would hurt. I hope you got it fixed for much less than that.

I did. The guys over at the McMullen shop did it for less than $1000.

lol, dual-wielding ashtrays, that's great!

There's a third, unused ashtray I plan to fill today. :)

Most depressing picture you've ever taken?

Are you kidding? That looks like a loittle corner of heaven to me.

It turns out that it wasn't a blown head gasket after all, but a bad oil cooler

Awesome news.

Yes. I was very pleased that it wasn't a head gasket. Saved me a shitload of money that's for sure.

damn. every time i got really depressed i would call my load planner and she'd give me a load i could just take forever on and kick me in some slow load pay then i'd drive straight through then spend a day and a half in a motel in the tub on the net with the cable cranked up high. spa days fucking ruled.

All I need sometimes is a good 24 hours to sit in the truck and recharge. I'm the type of person that if I don't get time that I can just goof-of and do whatever I want, I get really cranky after a while.

You miss the road very much since you quit?

I keep cringing whenever I think of you throwing all those pop cans in the trash and not recycling them!

(Thats the only hippie aspect I have)

Hopefully in a place like the Omaha metro area they'll get fished out by a homeless dude and get recycled.

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