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here's a true or false tell me if it's fact or bull
n Friday morning I got a quick shower, packed the truck, checked out of the motel, and told dispatch I was ready for a load. I also called the student department to see if they have any available at the Omaha terminal. They did. His name is David and he's a young guy (28). He's a big dude, too. Like football big. He brought his laptop and Sprint internet aircard on the road with him for his training, so as you can imagine, we're getting along famously. He's from Maine, and with the exception of a couple of flights to Florida and California, he's never been out of New England. I love getting those guys. They remind me of me when I first began and I can re-live that feeling vicariously the first time we take a load to the west coast.

He's also doing really well, too. Due to a processing glitch he wasn't able to drive for the first time until Saturday afternoon, but from what little I've seen so far, he's going to be a breeze to train. I'll probably get to spend this next week like I'm on vacation, just riding around while he does most of the work, then I anticipate running pretty hard with him after Easter. We're currently rolling through Illinois farmland and headed for Shreveport, Loozeeanna.

Last night, after finally getting out of Chicagoland with our load, we stopped in the small town of Dwight for some dinner before making the trek down IL 47 through lossfound's old stomping grounds. As I was walking out of Arby's, I saw a pretty, silvery sunset in the overcast skies and decided to make an addition to the millions already painted and photographed.


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I need a picture of David. Stat. ;)

I agree. So we can all crush over him like LARM. :]

Plus that is a beautiful sunset.

I'll be working on that. Physically, he's probably just your type.

He has a girlfriend, though. So otherwise, he's probably not unfortunately.

(Deleted comment)
Man, I haven't been to a tractor pull since I was a kid.

My apologies, sir. It didn't occur to me that it might be TMI.

I've been a fan of your photos (previously seen thru wineandsong's journal, I think)...and when your entry came up on a Friends of Friends foray (had to have SOMETHING to read while I drank my coffee!), I saw your latest. Lovely!

I've friended you--let me know if you'd rather I didn't....

New friends are always welcome.

If you like looking at the pictures, I've been keeping them all housed online at photos.soopageek.com. I've got nearly 8,000 photos there that I've taken over the past 4 years. There's even links to the LiveJournal entry where I wrote about whatever it was.

Also, there are lots of times that I put pictures in the GAllery, but don't ever post them or write about them in LiveJournal, but I have a LJ syndication feed if you ever wanna know when I've uploaded new photos/created new albums. It's soopaphoto.

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