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hardy har har
or those of you that didn't suspect, or whom I didn't personally IM or e-mail yesterday.


Sally's running just fine. David and I are bound for Oklahoma then Pennsylvania over the next couple of days. I'm just sitting in the passenger seat goofing off while he drives.

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You're so mean :( I was going "fuck, soopa's dang truck is so much trouble!!"


weird, i didn't even see the entry in question. must've been because you didn't use your soop-style.

but yeah, i gotta say, Google trumped you just a bit.

HA! That was great! I started to comment that the place that just did the overhaul SUCKS!

I'm glad Sally is running well.

I seriously cannot believe anyone fell for that :P I was talking about that to Erin briefly, and she demanded I not spoil the fun. Since it's two days past I'm free to comment :P

I'm just cynical of all April Fools Day posts. Not that I haven't done one myself before ;P

That Google Paper joke was friggin great!!

I'm glad you told me BEFORE you posted it, because I might have possibly murdered you upon your return to Kentucky. :^P

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