It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

forever's a mighty long time but i'm here to tell you there's something else

'm thinking of getting rid of my Hotmail account. This concerns me as, it's been my primary "public" e-mail address for over ten years now. I give it when signing up for various things and a majority of my junk mail goes there as a result rather than my personal e-mail address. When I created it all those years ago, long before Microsoft bought them, it was my intention for it to be my permanent account forever.

Lately though, I've been experiencing trouble with getting things from various places. I created an account at one site and never received the e-mail with the confirmation link. At another site I wanted to have a resonably important PDF e-mailed to me and it never arrived. At this point in my internet presence, I imagine I'll have my domain as long as I'm living so, I think I'm going to create a new "public" e-mail address at my domain and begin migrating various things to it. I probably won't delete the Hotmail, as I'm sure there are things I'll forget about. I know as soon as I delete it, Welf will leave me for the pool boy and I'll be wanting my forgotten password to
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