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forever's a mighty long time but i'm here to tell you there's something else
'm thinking of getting rid of my Hotmail account. This concerns me as, it's been my primary "public" e-mail address for over ten years now. I give it when signing up for various things and a majority of my junk mail goes there as a result rather than my personal e-mail address. When I created it all those years ago, long before Microsoft bought them, it was my intention for it to be my permanent account forever.

Lately though, I've been experiencing trouble with getting things from various places. I created an account at one site and never received the e-mail with the confirmation link. At another site I wanted to have a resonably important PDF e-mailed to me and it never arrived. At this point in my internet presence, I imagine I'll have my soopageek.com domain as long as I'm living so, I think I'm going to create a new "public" e-mail address at my domain and begin migrating various things to it. I probably won't delete the Hotmail, as I'm sure there are things I'll forget about. I know as soon as I delete it, Welf will leave me for the pool boy and I'll be wanting my forgotten password to seekingarrangement.com.

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Ummm yeah, you'll want to be using that mail order brides link. :/

I had completely forgot about my hotmail!! I'm going to have to check it. I just use the gmail now.

I don't know if they've changed their policy since trying to compete with G-mail, but they used to delete accounts after 30 days of inactivity.

When did you guys get a pool?

Oh it's not in Frankort. It's at our cottage on the south coast of France.

Screw THAT, when did we get a pool boy?


Man, I don't even know how people manage to use hotmail accounts at all. I've only ever used mine to sign up for a handful of things, other than that it's just used as my MSN messenger alias, but it gets shittons of spam all the time. I can't imagine how much spam must be recieved by people who actually use theirs.

Well I use Thunderbird to access it, so all of the junk gets filtered anyway. And besides, that's exactly why I have it. :)

i know how you feel, man. i want a sugar momma too.

Now if Welfy will just write that award winning book I know she has in her. . .

What is my award-winning book about?

(Deleted comment)
Near as I can tell. A gal on my f-list actually browsed through the Sugar Daddy profiles and posted some in her journal with pics for the lulz.

I felt much the same way about my Hotmail account, man. It was hard giving it up, and I'd occasionally get random email from people I met in 1995 there. But I made the plunge and haven't looked back. *sniffle*

Yeah, see that's one reason why I won't close it down completely. I'll keep it and check it, but I'm going to gradually migrate everything over to a new e-mail account. But there's a part of me that thinks, maybe someone I used to keep in touch with might send something there, so there's no harm in keeping it and letting Thunderbird poll it daily and throw the junk out.

I accidentally deleted myself from everybody's friends list. Could you add me back as stemware please?


You're just cruising around this week, aren't you.

I have been, although tonight I'll be doing a few hours of driving to get us to Hot-lanta by morning.

(Deleted comment)
One thing I'll say for Hotmail, the spam is actually reasonable... of course the flip side of that is, I think it's why I'm NOT getting some mail that I should be.

I can't get rid of mine. It was my first ever email address, and I still have idiot friends that send mail to it no matter how many times I tell them what my email address actually is now.

I don't think I'll get RID of it for the same reasons, but I think Microsoft/Hotmail has begun blacklisting entire hosting providers. I know Dreamhost has been blacklisted from some free mail providers in the past because of people who use their webspace and e-mail services for less than honorable endeavors. My guess is that these sites from which my mail never arrives are hosted on similar servers. Regardless of their legitimacy, as in life, the dumb-ass actions of a few can ruin it for everyone.

Want me to send you an invite code to gmail? I couldn't believe you still had a hotmail account. :^P

Nah, I'm just gonna setup a new address at the webhost. It's simple, and all of my e-mails addresses will be in one place.

same problem

I have been using my yahoo account for three years. I'm really tired of the spamming emails but I can't get rid of it now. I added all my friends' email addresses there. I also get emails from members I met on millionairematch.com.

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