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nice boys don't play rock and roll
ast week when I was home, welfy and I spent an entire day taking pictures and riding around the beautiful Kentucky-spring countryside. It was this day which I referenced in my last post as being the greatest day ever, and it was. We spent the first few hours of that day getting dressed up and taking pictures. She had some new fishnet stockings she wanted to show-off. It had been a while since we had done one of our amateur photo shoots with her as the model. Many were taken of the NSFW variety and a select few may someday grace these pages on the elective filter I made for such things (hint for newer friends).

At one point, Welf took the camera and turned it on me. Much goofiness ensued, but one of them is probably one of the best photos ever taken of me, which is saying a lot since I don't consider myself to be the most photogenic person in the world.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the hundreds of pictures I have of her from that day. I am truly, the luckiest guy in the world.

I can't wait to get home this weekend.
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It is a blast when the person your in love with loves Photography too. I love those two photographs. The angle on the Welf is perfect. the one of you, what's in your ear on the right side?

On the right side of the photo (my left ear) is an earring.

You guys are the schmoopiest ever. Awwwww...

Also, lovin' the photos posted by the both of you. YES PLEASE to NSFW filter, kthx.

We spent something like, 3-4 hours taking photos and got a lot of really really nice ones of her mostly, but of me and us as well. She got around to posting some of them before I did because of my busy-ness and general LiveJournal malaise of late. It was only last night that I finally finished going through them all and making my first cut of keepers. Whittling nearly 900 photos down to around 300 is a daunting task, heh. Glad you're enjoying. I've added you to the nsfw filter. If you're interested in checking out the handful of others I've posted in the past, there's a relevant tag.

Those are very good photographs and your girlfriend is very attractive.

Thank you! And I know. Lord do I know. Luckyluckylucky.

Many times I've tried and failed in amazing fashion to create photos like these. sepia or black and white never works ot well for me for some reason.

Excellent shot of both of you by the way.

We were fortunate to have some very soft natural light coming in through a window on the left side of the photo and a small but useful blank white wall behind us.

Soon you'll have to endure some other photos that were a result of this shoot. The impending second annual SHOW US YOUR GAMS is just around the corner. That would be the "much goofiness" I alluded to in this entry.

awesome pics! Welf looks pretty smokin hot

Man, you two are lucky.

Ok, I know *I'M* lucky... but how is she lucky with a shmuck like me?

I said best... not funniest.

I should really make an icon out of that.

I love her hair like that!

The new do with the bangs? Yeah, it give her a bit of a wilder look than the old do. Which of course is just hot.

Wonderful pics...both! I think it's great you guys do photo shoots together--and I'd love to see the rest you're willing to share.

Thank you! I'm sure I will share some more eventually, maybe some of a public nature that I really like as well as some naughtier ones on the filter.

Those are two _great_ photos!

(Deleted comment)
I know what you mean, I have an icon for it, too, when it gets really thick.

Where did you come from? What are you doing on my list? :P

That actually is a really nice pic of you and Welf is looking hotter every photo session. If she doesn't see this let her know I HATE HER!!!! ;)

I've been on a bit of a break from LiveJournal and totally addicted to playing Hearts at Yahoo! for like, two months straight. Matter of fact that's where I'm heading now.

And thank you. :)

Re: i said it before.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Do you love me because I'm beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me? :^)

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