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better look out now 'cause dave's got something for you
y current student, Dave, has decided to join the LiveJournal community. He's been writing and posting photos over at daveb78437 the past few days. I know some of you enjoy this sort of thing, especially since I haven't been very faithful about reporting from the road during my ongoing battle with LJ boredom. So, check it out if you're interested.

We're well rested from a weekend in Frankfort and back on the road. Last night, welfy and I took Dave on a driving tour of our fair burg and topped off the night with hot browns all around at Gibby's. We'll be back in ten days for what looks to be a busy and fun-filled weekend: Nashville Pussy on Friday the 4th, Derby festivities on the 5th, and talk of exploring an abandoned site on the 6th.

Tomorrow, though, begins another fun-filled experience... the return of SHOW US YOUR GAMS. And yes, I already have my pictures. You might want to stay away from your f-list tomorrow if you have sensitive eyes.
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Y'know, I still never got a real hot brown. There's one place around here that does their own version of one (which I dug), but I'm sure it's not the same.

There should be some sort of a food-that-is-shitty-for-you-but-awesome exchange program. I could send people Garbage Plates, Zweigle's hot dogs and Genny Beer, and they could send whatever their regional specialties happen to be.

You and Ange just need to come down and visit me and Welf sometime for a long weekend.

oh a hot brown, why did you have to mention a hot brown???

guess what im having for dinner tonight....

I'm so hungry right now, I could go for another hot brown. It'll probably just be cold sandwiches in the truck for me tonight though.

one of my favorite things to eat....

this is the recipe my mom always, uses, too. :)


Wow...toast with turkey, bubbly creamy shmear, and bacon.

There's something similar at a local restaurant, but I thought potato nubs were involved.

i just realized, though, that recipe didn't have the tomato in it... hmmmm....

you get the idea. yummmy yummy!

I haven't tried my hand at making a homemade hot brown. I'm not terribly experienced with sauces, so making the mornay has always intimidated me. This past weekend, though, I successfully made some home made gravy for breakfast so I'm becoming bolder. Maybe next weekend I'll take a stab at home-made hot browns on Derby Day. That would be appropriate. Maybe mint juleps, too. What're you guys doing Derby Day?

I don't know! We dont' have any plans that I know of, offhand. :)

I'll have to forgo the mint juleps, but that does sound nifty.

I'll see if I can get mom's exact recipe. I've helped her make it million times. That's what she makes for my birthday, often, actually.

I'm surprised you haven't made gravy much. I'm very rusty with it as T isn't a gravy kinda guy, but I do have experience making gravies and sauces!

Of course, we'd need derby pie, too!!!! I'll talk to T and let you know :)

Erin unfortunately has to work on Derby Day, I'm not sure how late. I'm hoping she can get home before post time at 6:04. Dave and I have talked about going to Keeneland to watch the Derby but with Erin working and probably just making it home in time before post, I imagine I'll just stay home and watch it. Maybe have hot browns and mint juleps ready to go by 6. :)

You might also let T know that, we're considering an infiltration of Old Taylor on Sunday; weather permitting. It's tentative at this moment, but we took Dave by there last night on our driving tour and it kinda got me thinking about it again. I'd hate to keep putting it off until they tear everything down over there.

give him a call - you still got his number right? he's on a break in btwn jobs so he's home

I wondered who was home this morning :). I didn't realize Tony wasn't working at the moment. I'll call him or shoot him an e-mail sometime and see if he's up for it.

As for Derby day, if y'all are around, I'll knock and see if I should make some extra hot browns for you guys when I get started on them. I'll probably prep everything ahead of time so I can just pop 'em in the oven when I'm ready to have 'em.

yeah. starts new job on the 8th of may. I guess I haven't posted the details about it here - i'm so many places online I just forget :)

You could've written about it and I wouldn't have seen it. I've been awful about reading LiveJournal the past couple of months. Just had my nose stuck in other places and haven't been interested.

Did he find something local or is he still going to have to commute?

nope. local :) we're very excited about it. it'll be with dept of justice

A hot brown... is delicious! :)

Yay Gam Soopa stylin' is back. This time I should not wear socks, yay!

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