It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

better look out now 'cause dave's got something for you

y current student, Dave, has decided to join the LiveJournal community. He's been writing and posting photos over at daveb78437 the past few days. I know some of you enjoy this sort of thing, especially since I haven't been very faithful about reporting from the road during my ongoing battle with LJ boredom. So, check it out if you're interested.

We're well rested from a weekend in Frankfort and back on the road. Last night, welfy and I took Dave on a driving tour of our fair burg and topped off the night with hot browns all around at Gibby's. We'll be back in ten days for what looks to be a busy and fun-filled weekend: Nashville Pussy on Friday the 4th, Derby festivities on the 5th, and talk of exploring an abandoned site on the 6th.

Tomorrow, though, begins another fun-filled experience... the return of SHOW US YOUR GAMS. And yes, I already have my pictures. You might want to stay away from your f-list tomorrow if you have sensitive eyes.
Tags: gams, training

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