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with hurry home drops on her cheek that trickled from her eye
very time I head for Memphis I think of that song. It has such a great surprise ending. Chuck, you da man.

Pssst spssppp sspppp ssssp sspppp shhhhhh sppp spsssspppp.

I've decided that should I ever incorporate, the name of my trucking company will be We Transport Freight. Naturally, that'll be just so I can have the acronym stenciled on the cab of my truck door and write checks to my creditors from WTF, Inc.

Dave is still with me, for another week or two. It's 5am and he just went to bed after driving all night and I'm taking over for the day. We're bringing a load from Mitchell, SD down to Rossville, TN just outside Memphis. It doesn't have to be there until 11am Monday, but we shall arrive sometime early this afternoon. I've already checked with dispatch and they've informed that there's no other loads I can get for a split/swap, so we have to sit on this until Monday. Maybe Dave and I could split the cost of a car rental and go check out Beale Street or Graceland or something.

Yes, I'm back.

My bank sent me my new debit/check card. Which means I have to think of all the places online where it's used for automatic billing and/or saved for purchasing things and change the card number. Pain in my ass.

Marie is only six years old, information please
Try to put me through to her in Memphis, Tennessee

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Seriously, the Graceland tour is great. I think you'd get a lot out of a visit to the National Civil Rights Museum, too. It's within walking distance of Beale Street.

Have fun while you're in town!

I wish it was any other day but Sunday. I usually utilize Enterprise for car rentals since they can come fetch me from the truckstop... but they close at, like, noon on Sundays. So do most branch rental locations except the airport. And taking a truck into those sorts of places just isn't practical, even if it is possible. We;ll probably do nothing but sit in a truckstop all day.

You can't do doodley squat in Memphis. That's the halfway point and nobody can know anything about the place we meet in. Nix that idea trucker boy. :P

Eh, I probably won't anyway. The impracticality of it will probably prevent it.

Hey Soupa, off the top of your head, has there been any major changes in procedures in the past six months? Robert is leaving his yard position, and the OM account completely, for several reasons I'm not getting into here (other than one, that when he changed over from DMI to corp, they told him he would have to go one year before getting his four weeks vacation back..... among other things) and going back on the road, but 48 states this time.

One good thing about it is he's going for his 2 million miles (which he best friend just got two weeks ago), and he will be making .11 more a mile than he did, and Im getting my ride along card. I just wonder how the cat will take living in a truck for a week or two (damn that 150.00 deposit).......

Changes in procedures liiiiike, what? I can't think of anything major, but I'm not really sure what you're thinking about?

Well he did have to work his last 12 hour shift today playing mule and he got an updated fuel stop list so there's one thing taken care of.

Just anything like with any new procedures with road breakdown, fuel cards, trip packs, etc. (He's not sure if they are going to make him turn in his current fuel card which will fuel any truck or he will get a new one when he gets another truck. Depends upon the LP whether that happens..... probably not unless Robert reminds him.)

And he's asking to go to Omaha too. :D He says he wants to get a new new truck. His million mile black special edition Freightliner ended up sinking due to a flood in So. Cal no more than 6 months after he got it. It got towed to a terminal, "fixed" and then died a week later. He wants a black Pete, either long nose or the football helmet... LOL

I love that song! It's so cute.

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