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he shop was able to identify Sally's woes and get her up and running again last night. I think this might resolve a long-standing problem she's had in the fuel system, which is good. Doubly good is that it wasn't terribly expensive; I got her up and running in 24 hours for a mere $500. By the time they called me last night, though it was late in the evening so it was decided that it'd be best to just settle up in the morning.

Yesterday morning, after sleeping off my night of wine and steak, I found myself awake at 6:30 AM. Welf lie in a warm lump beside me. She had a short day ahead of her, not having to go into work until 10 and out early by 4:30 which meant I was going to be treated to a bit more time with her than I otherwise would have in such a situation. We talked quietly and sleepily snuggled together for a while then I did what I do best; I made us breakfast! Eggs and bacon... tea for her, coffee for me. I saw her off to work then spent the rest of my morning dicking around on the computer for a couple of hours.

I met Welf for her short lunch break and then I took the rental car back that I had used to get myself home to Frankfort. The good people at Enterprise were kind enough to let me return it locally without having to drive it back to Lexington, without any one-way charges or anything. When she got home a few hours later we subjected ourselves to more of that much needed cuddle-time then headed out for dinner.

Ever since moving to Frankfort last year, there has been some commercial space near us promising a Japanese grill and sushi joint COMING SOON, and Frankfort doesn't have any other options for decent sushi. They finally opened in the past week or two, so Welf and I decided to go try it out. It was awesome... the service, the atmosphere, the food. Great all the way around. I have a feeling that we'll be regular customers of theirs now that they're finally open.

We made a quick trip to the grocery and returned home. We originally had planned to curl-up and watch a movie on a laptop in the bedroom, but we got into a serious conversation and never got around to it; conversation of the relationship management kind. Not to cause any undue worry among our many mutual friends around here, but Welf and I have been at a crossroads in our relationship for about 6 months, since way back before Christmas. We still are very much in love and make each other so happy, but the arc of our relationship has come to a place where we have to decide where we go from here, and sometimes the emotions that result from that love run high. By the end of the night though, we were enjoying the comfort of tangled arms, legs, and fingers while she rambled on about some of her favorite memories. It was inspired by something which happened on Lost this week, but she does this all the time anyway. It's one of those little things about someone you come to love. She'll ramble and giggle or cry about people I've never met or known and tell me their stories and how they relate to her. It's like she opens the window to her life and lets you look into it for as long as you want. There's this constant string of characters, a menagerie of family & friends, ex-boyfriends & lovers, that I get to meet through her stories that tells me more about the woman lying there with me. Those of you who read her journal love her for the very same thing. She's a great story-teller and loves nothing more than to share them with you.

Fortunately for me I was able to get back on the road this morning and not be off the road for days with this breakdown. I have plans to be home next weekend when Welf has two days off and I was concerned this would interfere with that. We'll have a lot of time for uninterrupted frolicking. Spring time in Kentucky is a great time for frolicking. There's no telling what we'll get into. As for now, Dave and I are bound for Nashville to pickup a load that has to be in Maryland tomorrow morning. He only has about 3 more days with me, then I'll likely remain studentless until after the holiday and take a small break from wearing the trainer hat.
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