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why can't i stop and tell myself i'm wrong, i'm wrong, so wrong?
ith the degree of stress and strife which abounds, it's natural for me to turn to music which is tinted with a mixture of more complicated emotions. It's not always a world for silly love songs.

I would like to make it clear, though, that if I ever begin to descend to the point that I'm listening to soul-less emo crap; place No Remorse on the turntable, put it on 11, and slap me around with the album jacket until I come to my senses. If I'm too far gone for this intervention, I implore you to do the following:

Invite me to your house. I don't know, tell me you want to show me your new thick-framed glasses and whether or not I think it goes with the sleevless V-neck sweater. When I get to the door, lure me in by waving Promise Ring records at me and saying, "Come on, Soop! That's a good boy! Come on! Come here! Good Boy!" Maybe whistle and make clicking noise with you tongue. Clap your hands some. Once you've gotten me inside, you can pat me on the head, lead me out back and put me down; I've obviously lost the will to live.

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*starts playing Fallout Boy*


Stay right right where you are. Don't make me use this.

i do so love me some soad.

(Deleted comment)
Nashville Pussy at one point had more soul in a single measure of their songs than entire catalogues of emo bands. They've since become a bit of a cartoon-version of their former selves... but I'll take that any day over the mealy-mouthed pandering of privileged malcontents.

Aww, but I wear frameless. You'd know I was lying.

I have no such records - would cracking you over the head with a bottle of Makers suffice?

Maybe open it, pour me a glass and put on some Ray Charles?

Et voila! Restored will to live!

how about roxy music?


I earnestly tried with Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno solo work. Never understood the attraction.

brian eno music = teh suck.

brian eno production, however = teh awesome.

(Deleted comment)
Mmmm, or "Let's Get It On". Now there's a peace of soulful music.

No Remorse the Metallica song, or the Motörhead album?

Both rock, but the latter is 2 discs with which to shred your brain. Maybe make a mix CD of Kill 'Em All and No Remorse. Yeah, that'd work.

The Motorhead compilation is what I was thinking of... although Kill 'Em All would probably be nearly as effective.

IAWTC completely. Lemmy and his cohorts are still one of my all time favs, and No Remorse is a great sampling ... and Kill 'Em All is still my fav 'tallica album

Rock on, my friend.

I wear thick framed glasses and am not emo! And the only sleevless V-neck sweater that I own has skulls on it.

No offense intended, merely a crass over generalization. Besides, I know you love the rawk. :)

only sleevless V-neck sweater that I own has skulls on it.

where did you get it and where can i get one?

I got it on Forever 21's website. They do have some neat stuff, but most of it is too trendy for me.

If only they had never released Very Emergency...

Heh... well nearly every artist has their missteps. I can forgive 'em.

Just listen to some Townes Van Zandt, fer chrissake.

Townes Van Zandt is some good listen'n, too... For sure.

I imagine this is how you are at home.

You should work on some more of your top 100. TuneLoons needs YOU!

Also, cause I'm in dire need of hearing some good music about now. Halp!

Clap your hands say yeah!

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