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let's put it on condom boxes or something
SURGEON GENERAL's WARNING: Loving causes heart disease and may complicate pregnancy.

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On the other hand: Chronic Loving Deficincy is best defined by sporadic bouts of extended loneliness, severe hardening of the heart and is considered terminal. Early recognition of the syndrome is essential but can be readily treated by liberal doses of hugging and kissing.

Get vaccinated today.

I used to live with a hardened heart. I'll never do that again. The risk of love is the pain that comes with it sometimes. It's completely worth it, always.

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mcdonald's costs a lot less and goes through you a helluva lot faster.


Unfortunately my wit is broken today, or I'd think of something to add.

Pregnancy? Telling us something?

For the record, no.

Further for the record, the prospect for me being able to accomplish that task was surgically altered years ago.

While I don't know exactly what's going on with you guys, you both seem pretty sad lately. *hugs* I hope things get better.

Thank you, ysha. I do, too.

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