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tell me i'm the chosen one
dropped daveb78437 in Springfield on Friday night, his training all complete. Hopefully he'll be in his own truck by the middle of next week.

I've been enjoying my home time since arriving early Saturday morning, even though I haven't done or accomplished much. Unfortunately, welfy hasn't been feeling very well. She's running a fever and is achy. She doesn't stay-up for very long stretches without feeling light-headed and needing to lie back down. We did manage to watch the season finale of Lost, though. She had refrained from watching it when it aired so that we could watch it together this weekend. We also watchd Amelie, one of her favorite movies ever. I had gotten it from Netflix and have been carrying it around for over a month waiting for a time when she could watch it with me.

Even though Welf's feeling pitiful, it's nice to get to spend the days with her, lazing away the hours. It's allowed me to shift into a mode I am good at, care giver. It's not something I come by naturally. Like, I could never be a nurse or similar all-purpose care-provider... but when it's someone I care about, I get all Florence Nightingale and shit. I've been running errands and making sure she takes medicine and keeping food in her belly. I made home-style pan fried chicken and squash Saturday night with stuffing and gravy and biscuits. Tonight, though, I pushed the envelope by trying my hand at something new. I've had a pasta recpie book for a couple of months but haven't had the time or inclination to do anything with it. So tonight, I made pasta vongole.

I had to improvise with pre-packaged mussels since Frankfort sucks when it comes to finding things like fresh clams. They were fully cooked with their own seasoning and white wine sauce, yet they seemed to go okay with the sauce recipe. I wanna try it again sometime with some fresh clams, though. I feel like it wasn't TOTALLY my concoction because of the pre-pared nature of the mussels, but it was still really tasty.

The year of frugality not-withstanding, I did splurge on a couple of DVD's for myself this weekend. Both of them will likely have very limited distribution life, so I thought I better jump on it while they're still easy to acquire. One is the Japanese import film Linda, Linda and the other is the independent documentary Unknown Passage, about the band Dead Moon.

The year of frugality has been going well otherwise. I'm nearly back to the financial level I was pre-Christmas, which means I should have the amount I need for my 2006 tax burden in-hand very soon. I'm not sure if I will be able to to achieve my goal of having $20K in the bank by the end of the year, but I'm still going to give it my best shot.

Earlier this week, I went to last.fm to look at my charts and discovered that I have been listening to the Smashing Pumpkins... a LOT. Now that's amusing because, while I don't mind listening to the Smashing Pumpkins, I'm hardly a fan. Apparently, a certain someone whose name begins with W and ends with elfy has been corrupting my scrobbling charts by listening to music on my desktop in my absence. Her dekstop computer has been broken for a couple of weeks now. Guessing that it's likely a bad motherboard and or CPU, I got the parts in this week to get her machine up and running again. It's a good thing, too... because all I need is to have Muse or Rasputina at the top of my charts by the time I get home again.

Next week, I'm going to begin posting the few gams photos I've received. Hopefully it'll kick-start some of you into get'n your fanny in gear to send me some. Arguably, when I started it this year I really hadn't gotten the bug yet, I was just trying to do it for the sake of having second annual gams challenge. But the other day, I was in a service plaza of the Pa turnpike. A busload of kids in their late teens and early 20's were all over the place, getting in my way and clogging up the food service lines. And there were bare legs, everywhere. Now I have the bug for real. SHOW US YOUR GAMS!. (mail it to: show.us.your.gams@soopageek.com)
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I'll go for the wine. But skip the clams, yuck.

That's crazy talk! Shellfish are teh yum!

Listen, they are teh yuck! But crab legs I could go for.

I've got so many legs photos that I don't know which one to choose!

Which is funny because I'm not exactly a sexy photo taker or into taking pictures of my body but for some reason, I have a lot of leg photos.


Chunk trunks

Cute new shoes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

...and these ones I sell as postcards




Dudes like those ones but I like the less attractive ones because I'm weird like that.

I tend to like the first one best, but there's just not enough ssssssssskin showing. I might go with the third one for posting, unless you have a prefrence of which you would like me to use. :)

The year of frugality not-withstanding, I did splurge on a couple of DVD's for myself this weekend.
Hey, you have a pretty educated LJ buddy group, and I have a gramatical question that really bugs me, because I feel righteous about it without even being sure if I'm right.

DVD's or DVDs? If DVD's, WHY?



Because DVD's can't really possess anything. Because they're inanimate objects.

I think.

I agree, but I see the apostrophe ALL THE TIME, and it's starting to make me wonder if this is some unrelated gramatical rule that I'm out of the loop on. It's neither a conjunction nor implying ownership, so it seems like it should be DVDs.

Inanimate objects can posess things. "the basket's handle", for example.


You win this round, English grammar.

There's no clear style for the punctuation of abbreviations, only general acceptance. You are correct that pluralizing abbreviations should simply be done by adding the "s" without an apostrophe. That's the general acceptance among editors and style books. Apostrophes should only be added in cases where it might cause confusion (SOS's) or there is already internal punctuation (for instance, M.D.'s).

I've been known to flop back and forth with the plural punctuation of common abbreivations like DVD and CD, sometimes doing it correctly other times not. Frankly, I think it just LOOKS better with the apostrophe. Of course, that doesn't necessarily make it right. :)

I'm going to be submitting a leg photo soon- I have an idea for one that fits my personality well.

Awesome, I can't wait to see it.

I watched the final episode last night, I knew it was gonna be someone on the plane walking out of the car to talk to Jack at the end, but it threw me for a loop that it was in the future! Maybe thats where their gonna go next season, start showing flash-fowards, lol. They didnt have enough of Locke though. For a 2 hour episode he needes to have more lines. Other than that it wasn't bad though. Except for seeing McHale come back to life... AGAIN!!! LOL
Also I should mention that you were right about the odds of me leaving something on the truck, although I think it was due to it being late at night, I left me fan, splitter and the sweatshirt I bought a couple weeeks ago. It realy didnt do me any good to get in on Friday night either, I can't test out or even talk to anyone till maybe tomorrow morning, which is Monday. I went in yesterday morning after getting literaly 45 mins of sleep, got on the 7:00 am shuttle to go to the terminal, and was told to go right back and that my SDM should have let me know that I couldnt test out. At least on that particular Saturday, probly due to the holiday. But once again however my SDM failed to do her job, lol. I swear that bitch is worthless!! LOL

Eh, just a few more days and you'll never have to deal with the student training department again...

...that is of course unless you become a trainer yourself. Muuwaaaaahahahahahahaha.

Oh yeah... after I got home, I was getting stuff out of the back and I bumped my head against the fan. I just chuckled.

EVERYONE leaves something behind. Heh.

I went over to the terminal again this morning to test out and, once again, the lady who is responsible for all that wasn't there. They said deffinatley tomorrow morning but everyone who got here this weekend will be there trying to test out as well. I talked to a guy that tested out on Friday and just had to bring a log test back this morning and he said that the tests are timed on the actual question part. It doesnt matter if you watch the videos or not, each set of questions has a minimum time it takes to answer, according to Werner, lol. He said the lady in the student dept. told him you can cut each time in half but no more. Also they have backing tests for everyone testing out. Thats not realy a concern other than if I freak out under the pressure of a test, lol. It wouldnt be the first time. I guess you get 2 chances to do each backing manuever, one straight back and one forty-five or ninety. So I'll go over again tomorrow morning and try again. My hopes for a head start this morning weren't answered. I've been paying for my own room at 20$ a night too, but thats worth it, lol. By the way, I heard another par-for-the-course trainer horror story this morning, lol. About a manic depressive who consantly threatened his wife over the phone, went 2 weeks without a shower, and made his student drive till 2 and 3 in the morning his first few days. Until ofcourse the student was caleed into a terminal and repremanded on using the Qualcom improperly, lol. Needless to say the student wasn't happy he was being punished for what his trainer forced him to do, lol. I almost don't even dare to interject into those conversations, I had it too good! lol

Yay McCormick spices! By more! (My mom kinda works for them. I.e., she works for a broker and McCormick is one of the companies she reps.)

I'll be sending a new silly hairy man-legs photo shortly.

Er, buy more. Damn you, demon rum!

I bought two of their grinder style bottles when I was gathering my ingredients for the pasta vongole; one is black pepper and the other is sea salt. :)

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