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and if it's alright with you

've decided to take a break from training for the next month. I personally need it, but also there is a really long weekend coming-up in June where welfy and I plan to go to Pennsylvania for a friend's wedding. That will likely involve me being off nearly a week, and I don't see any point in having a student sit around a motel in Frankfort for all that time. I'm hoping that also I might be afforded time here and there to do people and see things, er... do things and see people. When I'm training, it just seems like we're always moving and never have time to stop and smell the roses.

I thought it might be fun to bring Fubu with me. I'm sure she could use a couple of weeks R&R on the road; a vacation from her tough home life of napping in the sun and snuggling with the house mates. She was reluctant at first, and it took her a while to get her "truck feet" back, but it wasn't long before she was climbing into the overhead cubby hole or sitting on my lap while I drove and, well, napping on the bunk or snuggling with the truck driver. I guess you never can really break the daily grind. I woke up in the middle of the night to a light tapping sound only to find her in front of the laptop shaking her head disapprovingly at the exploitation of her species at She looked at me, admonished me silently, then went back to typing. I felt deeply ashamed.
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